Friday, May 06, 2005

Days Dies

Just over a month ago I said goodbye to a long time friend. A childhood friend even. I cancelled the timer and turned off the T.V. and haven't looked back since. I've done away with "Days of Our Lives" in my life.

I watched this show close to thirty years ago with my Granny. I watched with my mother when I would be home sick from school or in the summers. It's a legacy in our family I suppose. I even found a husband that was into it enough to schedule some of his college classes around a lunch time focused on "Days".

For some reason though last month I decided I was done. Previews eluded that two couples who were very good friends were basically about to switch spouses. Now of course, two of them are thought to be dead but are really being held captive together in a hidden palace. Something about this, after years of watching the same things, turned my stomach and I just thought enough was enough.

I haven't missed it yet. Knew for sure I'd have some withdrawal pains but it has been painless thus far. The extra hour a day has much better uses. Thank you, God, that even fictional infidelity bothered me and that giving up something for you felt easy to do for a change. I'm so glad you're still working on me. - Lesa

"The best way to drop a bad habit is to drop it." - D. S. Yoder