Below: Mystery Quilt 2011 - This one went to my sister, Keli

The quilt below was made for Annalise Fagala. The pinwheels are 3D which makes them attractive to young quilt users.  The outer border is made with flannel for a super cuddly, super soft snuggle.

The quilt below was not fun to make.  It was the first quilt I was paid to make!  It now hangs in my friend Elizabeth's home.  I through the pattern away because it won't be reappearing in my pattern repertoire!

This quilt (below) was made for Alissa Hill, newborn daughter of Bo and Jenna!  They go to church with us and it was such a thrill to make this for them.  Pattern is Sunbonnet Sue from Quilt in a Day by Eleanor Burns.

The quilt below was designed by my daughter Trinity and her good friend Hannah.  I made it and sent it to Chase Fagala.  I think we called it Goldfishie.

The quilt below was made for Luke Vroman, son of our dear friends Jason and Becky.  Very cute pattern and a bit of a challenge.  It is called Dog Daze.

Below: A mod podge of fabrics, patterns and designs that all centered around one of the tshirts that all of Lufkin, TX, is wearing in support of my cousin Courtney Capps Shumway.  I was able to give it to her in November when we visited her at the Hermann Memorial TIRR branch.

Below: LSU Log Cabin quilt for my honey.  

Below: "Pinwheel" quilt with fabrics chose by a young Trinity.  This is a twin size quilt that lives on her bed.  Another success story.

Below: Block of the Month - On a Wing and a Prayer - Marie Antoinette
This quilt adorns my bed!

Below: "Wilderness Bargello" that adorns the daybed in our guest room.

Below: Amish style "Sunshine and Shadow" quilt for Logan James Lind, the cutie patootie.

Below: This is my very own beautiful log cabin.  I love my quilt.

Below: Trinity sort of laid this one out for me.  (The color expert at the quilt shop disapproved.)  But it was for my Trini and she loves it.  It goes everywhere with her.  That's all the affirmation I need.  It has horses and Girl Scout stuff. 

Below, Mystery Quilt 2010, went to my Mudder, Pat Capps Fleming.

Below, "Sunshine and Shadow" quilt from my Amish quilts book.  Update: This quilt went to my Grandma, Julia May, after my Granddaddy passed away in April of 2012.

Below: This one is a Sawtooth Star quilt with a pieced border made of flying geese.

This LSU 9 Patch was made for Meredith Ford Brassette, my little sister-in-law, in celebration of her graduation from LSU.  Geaux Tigers!

This LSU Bargello quilt went to my little brother-in-law, Kevin, upon his graduation from ... you guessed it, LSU.  Geaux Tigers!

Mystery Quilt 2009; the first year I participated.  This quilt went to my sister Kara.  

This quilt was the first quilt I completed.  It went to Will, my sweet little angel man.