Friday, March 30, 2012

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 103 - "Crazy Patches"

Block # 103 - "Crazy Patches"
Started on 10/14/11
Completed on 10/15/11
Technique: Foundation Pieced

I had never attemped a crazy quilt or patch or block before this quilt. Since this one block I've made several. I have 4 or 5 done right now that will eventually be put together for another top for the ladies at church who quilt.

So I'm on block 103 out of 121. Not much longer and I'll need to start assembling the rows. I believe I have the sashing strips cut already so that's a headstart.

I'll have to get Elizabeth's quilt finished before I can work on anything else. She's been rather patient with me working on it as I can. We have a big Girl Scout event tomorrow, World Thinking Day, so I may not get much, if anything, done on it. Perhaps Sunday will bring some peace and quiet to jump in more. I have 7 blocks done so far so that's a decent little start.

Hope the weather is nice where you are. It is perfectly cool here today with some cloud cover and some sunshine. I love the milder seasons here of Spring and Fall.

Blessings y'all!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 102 - "Pretzels"

Block # 102 - "Pretzels"
Started on 8/25/11
Completed on 9/4/11
Technique: Applique'

So, if you know someone who hearts pretzels, this is the quilt they need! Who'd a thunk it? A Pretzel makes a cute quilt block. If it wasn't an Amish quilt, I would probably embelish with some of the tiny tube shaped beads in a pearlescent white or even the little tiny seed beads (I think they are called).

I've read about the Amish baking their own pretzels. I suppose non-Amish people do that too? But those people all probably actually have a fondness for pretzels. They aren't my favorite. I probably wouldn't go hungry to avoid eating them but I would choose many other things over them.

Now, I do appreciate a pretzel dipped in almond bark or even chocolate. I don't indulge in those too often though. I try to lay off sweets when I can so I don't get too sweet myself.

I actually got some stitching done this weekend. Working on the Toomuchery quilt for Elizabeth. Something tells me it is going to be way too cute and coordinated to call it Toomuchery. Unless we go at the angle of it being just "too much" cuteness.

I'm not sure where the days have been going. Well, I've been sort of sick. I was hoping the doctor would call today with results of my some bloodwork I had last Friday. Didn't hear from them. She is suspecting I have an ulcer or am possibly anemic. My money is on Anemia but ya never know with me. I am rather creative in ailments.

Anyway, today was a good day among some rotten ones lately. I got a lot done and feel sort of caught up! Enchilada Meatballs baking in the oven, boys home soon from pack meeting. Trinity putting her clean laundry away. All is right in my world!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 101 - "Ohio Star"

Block #101 - "Ohio Star"
Started on 9/22/11
Completed on 9/23/11
Technique: Pieced, flying geese

I made some feeble attempts to research what exactly makes the Ohio star the "Ohio" star. While I didn't discover the reasoning I did see that most of these stars are made with quarter square triangles instead of flying geese. As a matter of fact, this star I made resembles more the sawtooth star.

I learned to make the sawtooth star in my early
quilting classes. I made a small, lap quilt for Mark's grandmother with the pattern. This one also has a pieced border made of flying geese. I like the way this one turned out but if I was doing it again, I would make all of the stars the same color or make every one of them different.

It is strange to me how much I like a white background for quilts. I would not be inclined to use a mostly white bed covering because they scare me as far as getting soiled and stained goes. But they do look mighty sharp.

We've had beautiful spring weather this week. I love living here! Four seasons, no tornadoes, very little rain, and the occasional snowfall to thrill the Southern girl who has been transplanted here. What more could you ask for?

We are looking forward to getting the camper opened up and using it soon. We are making plans to "get out there" Memorial Day weekend but it wouldn't hurt my feelings to go sooner!

Happy Weekend to all!

Blessings y'all!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Block # 100 - "Ice Skates"

Block # 100 - "Ice Skates"
Started on 8/25/11
Completed on 9/4/11
Technique: Applique'

Don't fall over in shock! I'm posting again after a lengthy hiatus. Three words. Girl. Scout. Cookies. I have been up to my eyeballs in 'em and am actually not quite done yet. But I can see my way clear to blog for a few moments.

I like this block even though an ice skater I am not. My step-mother Mary took me a few times to the galleria in Houston on weekends I would be with her and my dad. And then I suppose I went a few times in Austin at, was it Northline Mall? I'm not a fan of ice, at least when it comes to my backside landing on it and skidding across it. I don't mind watching others skate ... or fall.

Mark and I went to see Grease on Ice when it came to Monroe, LA. I'm thinking I was preggers with Trinity when that occurred but it may have been before that. Anyway 11 or 12 years ago, we saw Grease on Ice. Being the loyal follower, fan of Grease, it was a big thrill for me!

I finished my charity quilt for the ladies' quilting group at church. I handed it off to Melva last Wednesday. It turned out better than I'd hoped, especially after I added a stop border and a bigger border. There are sawtooth stars in there ... I promise.

Next project is a commissioned quilt for my friend Elizabeth. We bought the fabrics week before last and I got most of the cutting done this past Saturday.

My hubby brought our nice glider chair down from the guest room to our bedroom. Now I have a little space to sit and blog, do devotionals, and other heart happy things I take care of each day. Amazing how little things like that can make such a big difference.

Blessings Y'all!