Monday, October 03, 2005

Truly Bare Necessities

Anyone been shopping in Deer Park recently? Our Wal-Mart Supercenter is out of eggs! Completely! Our Kroger is almost completely out of bread. (Although they have several packages of high-end Pepperidge Farm specialty breads.) And they are out of CREAM OF CHICKEN soup! What's up??????? That's a staple in my house. I had plans to cook with it twice during the next week and a half.

Our Kroger has also undergone some major renovations as of late. It is a little inconvenient but not the major catastrophe some of my fellow shoppers were making it out to be. For example, while the sour cream is no longer by the yogurt, it is in the milk coolers. They didn't move it to the middle of the canned goods or anything like that.

People were just so aggravated about all this. After shopping at a tee-tiny little Brookshire's for five years in Arkansas, I love my Kroger and don't care how they re-arrange. If my Oreos end up in the meat section, I'll find them. No worries.

"Swallowing angry words is always easier than eating them." - Author Unknown