Thursday, September 18, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

We were in the school room this morning and William was coloring his C-C-Camel. He declared, "Daddy will be so impressed with this camel."
I said, "William, it is impressive that you used the word impressed."
He followed up with, "Yeah, he's so gonna love this."
Fun moment I got ... not a preschool teacher somewhere.
A couple of days ago I asked Trinity if Curious George and Huntley were friends. She said, "Not really. Huntley wants the lobby to be dignified and George is always making messes."
Impressed from a 4 year old and dignified from a 7 year old. I guess homeschooling isn't damaging them after all. LOL

It's a Girl!

My family is twitterpated right now. Very much so. There's a new little lady in our family.

Last Wednesday we drove to Denver so that we could pick her up at the airport on Thursday morning. I found a breeder in Washington state who discounted her significantly because she looked a little different than her other Shorkies and she was already 3 1/2 months old. The Breeder had told me she was 4 1/2 months old but I think she goofed. Her shot record says she was born on June 5.

Folks, God reached down from heaven and said, "This lady in Colorado ... this puppy in Washington ... they were meant to be together. Make it so number one. I mean make it so myself."

I had planned for years to get a Yorkie and name it Gizmo. Seeing how expensive they are around here, I was going to settle for a Shih Tzu. Then I discovered Shorkies ... a wonderful combination of the two! Bella is colored like Yorkies, which is what I wanted. She has a long body of a Shih Tzu, the long tail, floppy ears, and a very slight underbite. She weighs about 4 lbs. and shouldn't get to more than 6 1/2. (For those who know my Macy, she weights 10 lbs.)

(Here was the picture the breeder sent that won my heart.)

After seeing her picture from the breeder, we all decided the name Bella would suit her better than Gizmo. Once we got her, we started debating between Maggie and Gracie. We even got friends and family in on the voting between the two. Finally, we decided on ........ Bella. Bella Blue. (Adding Blue helps Will with his "l's" for some reason.) Don't tell Mark that my Johnny's daughter is Ella Blue. : )

(Picture from the airport the day we picked her up.)

She was painfully shy with us at first. I felt so bad for her. She was so happy to see Macy and Simba when we got home. She finally wagged her tail. And even though they both shunned her at first, she continued to be enamored with them. Macy has actually warmed up, even though she doesn't want to sit or lay by her. She'll actually play with her and run around.

After a week she's peed on the carpet only once which is better than Will has done. LOL. That's not bad for a less than four month old. (It is kind of frustrating for a just turned 4 year old though.)

She is embracing us. She insists on being right by me all day. Which, of course, I love. She has a funny little bark and growl.

A couple of nights ago the kids came down after their bath and were sitting on the couch with Mark and Macy. Bella went running over there barking at them as if they were strangers breaking in. Macy hopped down as if to check out what the problem was. Not sure what little bit thought was happening but she tucked her tail between her legs and bolted toward me yelping the whole way as if her tail were on fire. We laughed so hard. Still do when we talk about it.

We sure are enjoying her. Puppy smooches to all.