Thursday, June 07, 2012

Amish Circle Quilt Block #105 - "Birdhouse"

Block #105 - "Birdhouse"
Started on 8/27/11
Completed on 8/28/11
Technique: Paper Piecing & Applique'

I love this block.  Too fun, too cute, and probably one of my favorites in some ways.

I have two birdhouses in my backyard; both are treasures.  One was made by my husband and kids a few years back with one of our old license plates as the "tin roof".

The other is a treasure of a different kind.  It was made by my Poppa.  He painted a waterfall on it and calls it a bluebird house.  We've had birds nest in it multiple times every year we've lived here since 2007.  They aren't blue but it is so neat listening to the babies and watching all of the activity that comes along with the feathered families.

I keep a running list of items I'd like to buy should we ever make it to Amish country.  I want an Amish made quilt rack.  I'm tempted to add "Duh!" here.  I'd like a large, wooden, Amish made chest / trunk for my quilt room.  (It is a need actually.  I have tons of batting and quilts in progress that need a storage home.)  The third thing on my list is a large, Amish made birdhouse.  I'm thinking one of the "bird palaces" I've seen with multiple openings and levels.  I suppose I wouldn't mind a windmill either.  Now, that would be a smaller, decorative one for my yard.

Perhaps I'm just dreaming but a little dreaming is good for us.

I've finished the quilt I was hired to make.  I've finished two more since then too.  Got another one on the table now that I'm in the middle of quilting.  I took pictures with my phone and haven't uploaded them to my laptop yet.

Life has been taking its toll and I can't believe I went almost a month again without posting.  I will finish this series though.  My husband lost his grandfather on Wednesday.  Truitt Brassette was clearly his engineering inspiration.  He was a sweet man, a loving husband, a good father, and a fun-loving grandfather and great-grandfather.  We'll miss his jovial personality, his smiles, and his hugs.  Rest easy Pa!

Blessings Y'all!