Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blogging in Spirit

Wow, October 3. That's a bit pathetic on my part. What the heck have I been doing since then to keep me from posting? Well, I discovered in early November and have jumped into that with both feet! That's been blessing my family and myself. I sailed through the holiday season and my 32nd birthday. But blogging has been on my heart.

I've been keeping a running list of blog topics to write about. I'll post them and if you happen to wander back here to my blog, drop me a line if any sound interesting. I'll try to post again soon.
  • The Mountain Has No Ears
  • Can't Live Without 'Em
  • Unexpected "Blade" Preview
  • Is it Just Me? (Don't choose this one ... I can't remember what it means!)
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Verifying Codes
  • Urban Stampede
  • Christmas Casualties
  • Tom Delivers
  • Tagged - Weird Things About Me (Compliments of Deana)
  • Thank You, Sharon Grimes
  • Flylady: My Hero, My Saint

Anything sound interesting? It's good to be back. I'll do better.