Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weirdness #1

Deana Nall challenged me months ago to list my 50 most weirdnesses. I don't have time to list that many but I'll try to list a few at a time as I think of them.

#1 - My pillow ... I don't want anyone else laying on it, breathing on it, even touching it necessarily. If it is packed in the car I don't want it touching anything, especially things that could be dirty or dusty or even perceived as such. It should NEVER, under any circumstance, be placed on the floor.

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Ties That Bind

Well, the Capps family never ceases to amaze me. How blessed I am to still have such strong ties to my PEEPS. My mom's extended family is simply amazing.

Sunday, February 4, a surprise gathering in Lufkin, Texas, gave us the greatest send off we could have ever hoped for. Family members from Plano, Channelview, Liberty, Cedar Creek, College Station, Columbus, and I'm sure I'm missing more, gathered to worship the Lord together. We surprised my 82 year young Poppa. We all just showed up for worship at the small congregation he worships with at Herty Church of Christ. He was blown away.

My Uncle Mike did the opening announcements. He got me crying as he explained to the small congregation the bombardment of people. He talked of how close our family is and wished Mark and I and the kids God speed as we set off on our new adventures in Colorado.

Poppa led some songs during worship as he did so many times during my childhood. I looked around the auditorium and so much was familiar. The metal numbers that hang on the classroom doors are the same. The pews, although reapolstered I believe, are the same. Some of the same dear faces remain. Though slightly changed they were the ones there for my first physical steps and my first steps of faith.

My cousin Ryan led the remaining songs during worship. Uncle Dan led the first prayer and my Mom's cousin Reggie led the closing prayer. How appropriate to have so much family involved in the service.

We all had a catered lunch at the Huntington Community Center. More family came and we celebrated Uncle Mike's 60th birthday. They presented my family with a scrapbook that has pictures of each of the branches of the family. They all wrote in something it for us too. Let me tell you, I can't imagine anything better to take with me to help keep my kids connected to this legacy of love. Everyone contributed and my cousin Courtney put it together. Thank y'all, so very very much.

To everyone who came and wished us well, to the family members who pulled the meal together and handled all the little details most of us took for granted, you gave us such a special day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We rounded out the day at Grandma and Granddaddy May's house. We had a good visit with them. A jewel for me was to hear my Granddaddy say that we had really turned his thinking about homeschooling around. WOW! I'm so proud of that and he'll never know how much that comment meant to me.

As we headed out of town, I had one more stop to make. Someone from my past beckoned me say farewell. The Garden of Memories just south of Lufkin holds a great many family members and loved ones of mine. None so dear as my Granny, who still to this day I miss so much.

Over the years I've found it hard to "talk to her" when I would visit her gravesite. I would usually find myself in prayer about her. It was different this time and I'm not exactly sure why. I really talked to her.

I told her how much she had encompassed my childhood. So many days and nights were spent with her. She was the first to show me how to scramble eggs. She tried to convince me that powdered milk could taste just as good as fresh milk in a carton. (Sweet Granny, now that just isn't true! LOL) She taught me the ins and outs and history of "Days of Our Lives" and "Another World" which were called her "stories".

I told her how much she would love the three miracles in my life; the man God sent straight from Heaven to hold my hand and take care of me and to love me in ways I didn't know were possible. And of course the two little gifts from God He had placed in my care. What would she think of the compassionate, getting freckled faced girl that calls me Mommy? Or the rambunctious, more like me than I care to admit boy who has rocked my world and given it so much life?

I told her that for the first time she had been gone, Poppa was going to be all right. I told her he was in really good hands and that I knew she wanted that for him. I told her to rest easy.

I told her I couldn't believe I was going to be away from all of these people I had spent the day with. I told her it was going to be so hard. I told her I was glad I had her strength and her faith in God. I could be excited about this huge change with those in hand.

So much of my past was wrapped up in her but I can look with joy at the influence she had on my life and still has today. The more I talked to her, the more she became entwined in my present and my future as well.

Father God, thank You for letting me find my roots and my wings within my dear family. Thank You that my children have this as the foundation of their earthly lives. Thank You for gracing me with people who care deeply about each other and about the connection we all have. May we follow where You lead and may You lead us back from time to time to the place where I began. In the name of Jesus, Amen.