Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tom Delivers

Last Thanksgiving I hosted my family at our house. I cooked my first turkey. Though no one verbalized it, the hint of doubt and worry was in the air. I have to admit even I had my doubts. Who wants to mess up the cornerstone of the feast that is Thanksgiving?

Everyone had their two cents to put in. EVERYONE, including the dogs, has an opinion on the best method, proper cooking time, or yummiest stuffing and seasonings.

Well, I went with my own methods and opinions. (I do this with just about everything else in my life. Why stop here I thought?) I combined suggestions from several different things I read but used ideas found from Leanne Ely (of Flylady fame) the most.

Folks, I gotta tell you, I DONE SO GOOD!!! That turkey was falling off the bone it was so moist and tender. The veggies and apple from inside were falling apart too. It was a beautiful bronzey brown and I beamed with pride the rest of the day. Oh, and I had it done on time too!!!

I have my method and cooking times written down in my Control Journal that I affectionately call my Brassette Household Operations Manual. So, I'll be pepared to tackle it again this year.

Tom Delivered ... in a big way. Can't believe I spent all of those years so concerned about cooking a bird! I don't think it was at all the monumental task I had made it up to be. Oh, and I dare not call it a bird out loud. Trini still isn't sure about the whole "food turkey" and "real turkey" situation. - Lesa