Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So this is a repeat of a Note I posted on my facebook page. If you read that one, don't waste your time, as this is exactly the same!

1. I detest potluck meals. All those weird things that people probably licked their fingers making with kids helping themselves and sneezing in dishes. Uck. I'll pass, thanks.

2. Don't touch my pillow. Don't put my pillow on the floor, by penalty of death. Don't lay on my pillow, by penalty of painful death. Thank you.

3. I do not like for my food to touch other food on my plate. I avoid juicy things so the juice doesn't touch the non-juicy things.

4. I love Christian romance fiction with an Amish element. Reading novels such as these has encouraged my next random thing.

5. I am in the process of learning to quilt. At 35 I thought I would be the youngest student but I'm actually not. I love it. It is an expensive hobby. I'm enjoying although the kids haven't eaten in a month and have no college in their future.

6. I am a Girl Scout troop leader. I love it so much that sometimes I think I would want to keep being a leader even if my daughter no longer wanted to be in scouts.

7. I have more friends in Grand Junction, CO, in two years than I had in Deer Park, TX, in six. I don't know why, I'm just sayin'.

8. I miss Rosie O'Donnell's magazine and TV Show. (I don't miss her on The View so much.) Her magazine was my most favorite and her TV show rocked.

9. I hate vegetables. I'd rather chew on grass. I can't help it. They gag me.

10. I would absoultely love an Amish pen pal.

11. I manage to get my house cleaner for guests that are here for a few hours than I do for my family that are here 24/7. I don't pretend to understand that.

12. Simon actually likes me on Wii American Idol.

13. I spent an hour playing Skee Ball at Chuck E. Cheese (during a weekday) for my last birthday.

14. My 11 year old Peek-a-Poo is going to live forever. She just is.

15. I want to go to Hawaii some day. Badly.

16. I really hate the idea of walking in or out of the church auditorium while worship is ongoing. I would rather not go at all if we are going to be late or wet my pants than to get up. It would be especially dreadful if I had to wrestle a 4 year old in the aisle while he's screaming, "I don't want a spanking,". How embarrassing would that be??????????

17. I hate the noise our humidifiers make. It is not comforting or soothing. It grates on my nerves.

18. The only way I like to be awake at 6 am is if I have stayed up that late from the night before.

19. I love putting together computerized jigsaw puzzles.

20. I love paint by number puzzles (a.k.a. nonograms, paint doku)

21. I want to go camping ... in our pop up camper ... with my laptop ... and dvd's. Rustic, I know.

22. I enjoy fishing although I prefer my bait not be moving. I wish we fished more often.

23. I'm still surprised people look different from the last time I saw them on facebook. It truly surprises me when they don't look like they did 15 or 20 years ago when I last saw them in middle or high school.

24. It amazes me how often I still think of my Granny and wish she could have met my husband and children. I would love to see the approval that was never absent from her eyes. 18 years have gone by since she passed on to glory ... still wish I could talk to her once more.

25. I will most likely be in line with all of the teeny boppers in Grand Junction on March 21 to get the Twilight dvd.