About Lesa

I chose the title of this page to make it sound like someone else was creating this information page about me.  Doesn't that come across as if to say I have an assistant or a fan or a child in slave labor creating this incredible tribute to me?  As if.

I was born in 1973 in Lufkin, TX.  Since then I have lived in:
Garland, TX
Lake Charles, LA
Round Rock, TX
Houston, TX
Diboll, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Crossett, AR
Deer Park, TX
and now
Grand Junction, CO

Daunting isn't it?  And I don't even own a military relative.

I have been married to the same man since 1995.  I don't remember ever liking anyone else this long in my life, except maybe a pet dog.  So, I've decided to keep him for as long as he'll have me.  His name is Mark and I like him a really lot.

I became a mommy in 2001 to a strawberry blonde, green eyed little angel we named Trinity Faith.

I was blessed with more motherhood in 2004 with a blonde haired, green eyed little angel man we named William Christian.  We call him Will.

As of this writing I am the human for two pooches: Macy the peek-a-poo and Bella the Shorkie-Tzu.  We also have guinea pigs that I am surprisingly attached to: Poppa Jasper and Momma Joy and youngsters Phinny and Joey.

Update 2/18/15:  Three pooches: Bella still, Mason the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (rescue) and Nattie the Heinz  57 (rescue).  One piggie left .. Phinny.

I am a stay-at-homer that home-schools.  (Yes, one of those nuts.)  I worship at the Church of Christ of Grand Junction.  I sing alto.  I have a bizarre fascination with all things Amish.  I love to quilt.  I am a true Twihard ... and without question am on Team Edward.  I like strange puzzles called Paint-do-ku, Nonnograms or Griddlers.  I love music too.  Just about any kind you can imagine.  I'm not a fan, personally, of rap, but to each his own.

I have 3 sisters, Kara, Keli, and Melissa, 3 sisters-in-law, 4 brothers-in-law, and 11 nieces and nephews.  (Side note: I am the best freaking aunt in the world!)

Update 2/18/15: Make that 12 nieces and nephews now.

I have 3 biological grandparents still living.

Update 2/18/15: Only two biologicals left ...

My best friends in the world are:  
Alyssa Thompson Minshew (circa 1979)
April Pollard Rice (circa 1998)
Nicole Thompson (circa 2008)
Corren Lind (circa 2007)

I am pretty open minded about most things and most people.  One thing I am rather opinionated about, per my husband, is other people who are opinionated.  (I don't like them much.)  Try to make me think like you or berate me for not thinking like you and I won't play with you any more.  And I may tell your mom.

My house stays in disarray which drives me nuts but that doesn't seem to improve it.  I do keep trying though.

I like to make people laugh.  I hate to make people cry.  (Unless they're opinionated.)  I enjoy sending cards to loved ones (and even not so loved ones).  I love to travel.  I enjoy road trips and hotels and eating out.  I love camping in our pop-up camper and I feel incredibly blessed to live in Colorado.

I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader for a troop of 10 Junior Girl Scouts.  They keep me busy ... and grounded.  They make me smile with my heart.

For now, we'll leave it at that.