Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Work of Heart

So, on February 14, 2015, I began an incredible journey.  It really "started" at Thanksgiving 2013 when my Aunt Ileene put some precious cargo in my hands.  She gave me a box full of quilt blocks and applique' pieces my Granny had made before she passed away in 1990.  As a quilter and as a granddaughter who really, really loved her Granny, I was overjoyed.

It has taken me awhile to jump in with it.  I mean, it's kind of a big deal, right?  Piecing together parts of her heart (because as a quilter I know that it is more than fabric and thread) is kind of intimidating.  Plus (again, as a quilter) I had 142 projects already in the works that required attention.  And then people keep having babies and they need quilts.  And then I get a little ADD and see other new projects I have to try.  Oh but I digress.

So yesterday, the traditionally known "day of love", I jumped in.  With both feet.  In a rapidly flowing river.   As I stitched and pressed I kept thinking that I really need to share this journey.  I know Aunt Ilee will want to know my progress but whoever ends up with these projects and perhaps even my kids and their kids may someday be interested.

All I know is that I can look and see her sewing cabinet and her machine which is in my quilt room and am blessed enough to be able to remember her sitting at it.  I am blessed to see these pieces she traced and cut and some of her stitching ... quite similar to things I've done in my own quilting journey.

You can literally feel the love in the fabric and stitches.  You can see her style and artistic side from her fabric choices and combinations.  And I can't help but think of her stitching tenaciously, once she knew the cancer was back, trying to leave something behind to comfort, warm, and snuggle with those she loved most.

If only she'd known the legacy of love ... for God, for family, for life that she left with us.  It has comforted us and warmed us.

Here is what I first pulled out of the box:
Displaying IMG_1574.JPG

Here it is after I did a little tweaking ...
Displaying IMG_1575.JPG

I like to think she would LOVE that I'm picking up where she left off; that she would LOVE to see these projects be finished and get the love they deserve.  I can't wait to dive in more. 

Until next time, take time to be quilty, if you're a quilter.  If you're not a quilter, well, don't do that.  Just take time.  For whatever it is you take time for.  Or consider taking up quilting.  Just sayin' ...

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