Sunday, December 24, 2006

Migraine Misery

I'm usually at worship right now. I'm only just coming out of a fog called a migraine. I tried to put into words to my husband last night just how badly I had been suffering. It's hard to do.

I woke up early yesterday morning with some mild pain. I went back to sleep and when I got up at 10:30 (thanks to hubby letting me rest) it was gone. Around 5:30 I started having some pain in my neck and at the base of my skull. By 7 pm I could no longer walk upright and speaking became difficult.

I laid on my bed and tried to decide if it hurt worse to breathe more frequent shallow breaths or to hold my breath and take a deep breath less frequently. The pain rolled through my head like a wave. It actually felt like the pain was a wave of water going back and forth across my head.

Nausea set in and the fun part that comes after that. I finally begged for Excedrin which I knew had caffeine in it. Any small amount of caffeine keeps me awake into the wee hours of the morning. I was hurting so bad I didn't care. I started to feel our Christmas Eve rituals slipping away from me and I was so saddened to have part of my life wasted by these devils called migraines that stop me dead in my tracks.

Finally after three bouts with my trash can I managed to wedge my head into my pillow against the headboard of our bed. Thinking about that position really begs the question of how I could find comfort like that.

I thought, "God, if only you'll take away this pain ... I'd give you anything ..." I think I really meant ANYTHING.

I managed to doze off and awoke at 11 pm. There was a dull pain left but you can put up with anything when you're coming off of a migraine. I was awake until almost 6 am. I got back to sleep just in time to get up and help get the kids ready for church. It was hard not to go with them. This is always a nice time of year to see visitors at church and be with our church family. I just couldn't do it.

For all of you who suffer with migraines, I feel ya! I wish they were easier to control. I have to say though there's nothing like pain so bad you wish someone would chop off your head to get you humbled and on your knees knowing someone else is in total control of your life.

For those of you who don't believe your loved ones are migraine sufferers or think they are putting on, after all it is just a headache, I have a message for you. I won't wish such a pain upon you but here's a visual. Imagine taking a hammer and smashing it down on your finger as hard as you can. Multiply that times 20. Then factor in every single sound, every single ray of light, and every shallow breath you take magnifies the pain even more. You still have no idea.

I have a wonderful husband who brings my cold cloth and offers proper placement of my trash can. He rubs my back and squeezes my head when I'm in the throws of the worst of it. He lets me know I'm not alone and gives such precious care to me. I'm a very lucky woman.

I'm ordering a t-shirt today that says I SURVIVED THE WORST MIGRAINE OF 2006. Just kidding, though I do deserve an award.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Family Ties

We spent all day yesterday down in the big city of Columbus, Texas, at my Aunt Ilee's house. My mom's entire extended family was there and it was such a wonderful day.

Aunt Ilee hosted the event with her husband Uncle Dan. (My uncle, not hers. : ) Their country home was the ideal setting for such a sepcial day with haylessride included. Their oldest son Danny and his wife Trish made it along with kids Elyssa and Jayden. Their youngest son Ryan came too with wife Ashley and new Baby Faith. Their daughter Jenny her husband Jack and son Casey didn't make it but we were graced with the presence of her two youngest sons, Colton and Chase. SWEETIE PIES!!

My Uncle Mike was there with my Aunt Bobbie. Their kids Crystal and Cody made it along with married daughter Courtney, husband Mike and kiddos Haylee and Chance.

My Mother Pat and step-dad David came. My sister Kara and her husband Chad were there with kiddos Hannah and Jackson. Our little sister Keli came with her kids Daniel, Andrew, Nathan, and petite bebe' Makayla.

Rounding out the group was my 82 year old Poppa and his sweet new wife Bettye.

I can't remember a time in my life that the people in that house yesterday didn't encompass. We've been on trips across the country together. We've celebrated many a Thanksgiving and many more a Christmas together. We've stood side by side at funerals; one a pain so deep we almost couldn't bear. We've sat together and sang together at weddings. We've seen babies born and our families grow.

Personally it feels so unique to me that we still make this get together a priority every single year. It's important to every one of us.

And did I mention we sing together? How many families, if they get together at all, have a common thread deep of enough to enact it year after year? We sing for hours sometimes. We raise our voices in song lifting praises to our Heavenly Father. The core group has married and drawn in more singers (or converted singers ourselves!). Can you imagine what a blessing it is to have this kind of family structure as the corner stone for your life? We have something that other families envy and when they speak of togetherness, they only wish they had a fraction of what we've found.

Yesterday was bittersweet for me. As wonderful a day as it was, I knew in my heart it would be one of the last times my family would be able to be present with everyone since we're moving to Colorado. I tried hard to hold myself together. I didn't want to sadden anyone else. My Poppa's prayer before our meal got me. And then we sang ...

I thank my Heavenly Father for these people He placed in my life. I thank Him for the years of togetherness. I thank Him for almost hayless hayrides. I thank Him for the Christian examples they've set for me. I thank Him for the love that pours out when one of us is in need. I thank Him for blessing me so richly. I thank Him for these STRANGE and unique people. I thank Him that I call them family.

Thank you Cappses, Shumways, Dillards, Barringtons, Flemings, and Dennises. No amount of miles will distance my heart from yours.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Times They Are a Changin'


I haven't written since March? Wow! Oh, I already said that.

Here is a picture of the Brassette Bunch. My little ones are growing up. Oh my heart ... my cup runneth over. He's 2 and she'll be 6 in February.

Well, the season is in full swing. My mind is on what happens when it is all said and done. When Christmas is over, that means we hit "get the house ready to put on the market" at full speed ahead. I'm not sure I'm ready to face that.

You see, our family is relocating to Grand Junction, Colorado. (For some reason it feels like Missouri flows well after GJ.) It's gorgeous there. We'll get a little bit bigger and little bit newer house. (For a LOT more money.) There's a wonderful church family we're eager to work with waiting on us. The opportunities for Mark and for our family are endless. I truly am excited.

I just haven't come to terms with the leaving people here side of it yet. ARGH. Putting the house on the market will be a stern jolt of reality. I'm a little nervous. Heavenly Father has been in this from the start. He knew I needed a change. He knew Mark needed to realize his infinite potential. Great things await us ...

More to come I hope and plan ...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tom Delivers

Last Thanksgiving I hosted my family at our house. I cooked my first turkey. Though no one verbalized it, the hint of doubt and worry was in the air. I have to admit even I had my doubts. Who wants to mess up the cornerstone of the feast that is Thanksgiving?

Everyone had their two cents to put in. EVERYONE, including the dogs, has an opinion on the best method, proper cooking time, or yummiest stuffing and seasonings.

Well, I went with my own methods and opinions. (I do this with just about everything else in my life. Why stop here I thought?) I combined suggestions from several different things I read but used ideas found from Leanne Ely (of Flylady fame) the most.

Folks, I gotta tell you, I DONE SO GOOD!!! That turkey was falling off the bone it was so moist and tender. The veggies and apple from inside were falling apart too. It was a beautiful bronzey brown and I beamed with pride the rest of the day. Oh, and I had it done on time too!!!

I have my method and cooking times written down in my Control Journal that I affectionately call my Brassette Household Operations Manual. So, I'll be pepared to tackle it again this year.

Tom Delivered ... in a big way. Can't believe I spent all of those years so concerned about cooking a bird! I don't think it was at all the monumental task I had made it up to be. Oh, and I dare not call it a bird out loud. Trini still isn't sure about the whole "food turkey" and "real turkey" situation. - Lesa

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blogging in Spirit

Wow, October 3. That's a bit pathetic on my part. What the heck have I been doing since then to keep me from posting? Well, I discovered in early November and have jumped into that with both feet! That's been blessing my family and myself. I sailed through the holiday season and my 32nd birthday. But blogging has been on my heart.

I've been keeping a running list of blog topics to write about. I'll post them and if you happen to wander back here to my blog, drop me a line if any sound interesting. I'll try to post again soon.
  • The Mountain Has No Ears
  • Can't Live Without 'Em
  • Unexpected "Blade" Preview
  • Is it Just Me? (Don't choose this one ... I can't remember what it means!)
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Verifying Codes
  • Urban Stampede
  • Christmas Casualties
  • Tom Delivers
  • Tagged - Weird Things About Me (Compliments of Deana)
  • Thank You, Sharon Grimes
  • Flylady: My Hero, My Saint

Anything sound interesting? It's good to be back. I'll do better.