Amish Books

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     I love reading and learning about the Amish.  Inspirational Amish Fiction is my favorite thing to read!  I think you might be surprised at just how many authors are entering this genre and how many of is are eating it up!  I will arrange my suggested reading list by author's last name.  I write reviews of each book I read at if you want to see the author's book synopsis or my thoughts on the books.
     If I have noted the release date for a book, I obviously haven't read it.  But if it is on this list, know that I am eagerly anticipating its release and it promises to be a great read.

Brunstetter, Wanda
     -  Daughters of Lancaster County Series:
          1.  The Storekeeper's Daughter
          2.  The Quilter's Daughter
          3.  The Bishop's Daughter
     -  Lydia's Charm
     -  The Simple Life - non-fiction Amish themed devotional
     -  Kentucky Brothers Series:
          1.  The Journey
          2.  The Healing
Byler, Linda
     -  Lizzie Searches for Love Series:
          1.  Running Around (and Such)
          2.  When Strawberries Bloom (haven't read yet)
          3.  BIG Decisions (haven't read yet)
Cameron, Barbara
     -  Quilts of Lancaster County:
          1.  A Time to Love
          2.  A Time to Heal
          3.  A Time for Peace
Chapman, Vanetta
     -  A Simple Amish Christmas
     -  Shipshewana Amish Mystery Series:
          1.  Falling to Pieces
          2.  A Perfect Square
          3.  Material Witness
     - Pebble Creek Amish Series:
          1.  A Promise for Miriam
          2.  A Home for Lydia
          3.  A Wedding for Julia
Clark, Mindy Starns
     -  Secrets of Harmony Grove
     -  Shadows of Lancaster County
Clark, Mindy Starns with Leslie Gould
     -  Women of Lancaster County Series:
          1.  The Amish Midwife
          2.  The Amish Nanny
          3.  The Amish Bride
          4.  The Amish Seamstress
Clark, Mindy Starns with Susan Meissner
     -  Men of Lancaster Series
          1.  The Amish Groom
          2.  The Amish Blacksmith
          3.  The Amish Clockmaker
Clipston, Amy
     -  Kauffman Amish Bakery Series:
          1.  A Gift of Grace
          2.  A Promise of Hope
          3.  A Place of Peace
          4.  A Life of Joy
          5.  A Season of Love
     -  A Plain and Simple Christmas
     -  Naomi's Gift: An Amish Christmas Story
     -  Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series:
          1.  A Hopeful Heart
          2.  A Mother's Secret
          3.  A Dream of Home
          4.  A Simple Prayer
     -  A Reckless Heart
Davids, Patricia
     -  Brides of Amish Country Series:
          1.  An Amish Christmas
          2.  The Farmer Next Door
          3.  The Christmas Quilt
     -  The Doctor's Blessing
     -  Katie's Redemption
Ellis, Mary
     -  Miller Family Series:
          1.  A Widow's Hope
          2.  Never Far From Home
          3.  The Way to a Man's Heart
     -  Sarah's Christmas Miracle
     -  An Amish Family Reunion (haven't read yet)
     -  Wayne County Series:
          1.  Abigail's New Hope
          2.  A Marriage for Meghan (haven't read yet)
     -  New Beginnings Series:
          1.  Living in Harmony
          2.  Love Comes to Paradise
          3.  A Little Bit of Charm
Fisher, Suzanne Woods
     -  Lancaster County Secrets Series:
          1.  The Choice
          2.  The Waiting
          3.  The Search
     -  Stoney Ridge Seasons Series:
          1.  The Keeper (haven't read yet)
          2.  The Haven
Fuller, Kathleen
     -  Hearts of Middlefield Series:
          1.  A Man of His Word
          2.  An Honest Love
          3.  A Hand to Hold
     -  A Middlefield Family:
          1.  Treasuring Emma (haven't read yet)
          2.  Faithful to Laura
Gray, Shelley Shepherd
     -  Seasons of Sugarcreek Series:
          1.  Winter's Awakening
          2.  Spring's Renewal
          3.  Autumn's Promise
     -  Sisters of the Heart Series:
          1.  Hidden
          2.  Wanted
          3.  Forgiven
          4.  Grace
     -  Families of Honor Series:
          1.  The Caregiver
          2.  The Protector
          3.  The Survivor
Hoff, B.J.
     -  The Riverhaven Years:
          1.  Rachel's Secret
          2.  Where Grace Abides
          3.  River of Mercy
Keller, Cynthia
     -  An Amish Christmas
     -  A Plain and Fancy Christmas
Lewis, Beverly
     - The Rose Series:
          1.  The Thorn
          2.  The Judgment
          3.  The Mercy
     -  Annie's People:
          1.  The Preacher's Daughter
          2.  The Englisher
          3.  The Brethren
     -  Home to Hickory Hollow Series:
          1.  The Fiddler
          2.  The Bridesmaid
          3.  The Guardian
          4.  The Secret Keeper
          5.  The Last Bride
Lodge, Hillary Manton
     -  Plain and Simple Series:
          1.  Plain Jayne
          2.  Simply Sara
Long, Kelly
     -  A Patch of Heaven Series:
          1.  Sarah's Garden
          2.  Lilly's Wedding Quilt
Mehl, Nancy
     -  The Harmony Series: (Mennonite)
          1.  Simple Secrets
          2.  Simple Deceit
          3.  Simple Choices
     -  The Road to Kingdom Series:
          1.  Inescapable
          2.  Unbreakable
          3.  Unforeseeable
Miller, Emma
     -  Hannah's Daughters:
          1.  Courting Ruth
          2.  Miriam's Heart
          3.  Anna's Gift
Miller, Serena - Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, OH
Newport, Olivia
     - Amish Turns of Time Series:
          1.  Wonderful Lonesome
          2.  Meek and Mild
     -  Valley of Choice Series:
          1.  Accidentally Amish
          2.  In Plain View
          3.  Taken for English
Perry, Marta
     -  Pleasant Valley Series:
          1.  Leah's Choice
          2.  Rachel's Garden
          3.  Anna's Return
          4.  Sarah's Gift
          5.  Katie's Way
          6.  Hannah's Joy
     -  Murder in Plain Sight
     -  Lost in Plain Sight
     -  Vanish in Plain Sight
Roper, Gayle
     -  Amish Farm Trilogy:
          1.  A Stranger's Wish
          2.  A Secret Identity
          3.  A Rose Revealed
Sattler, Gail - The Narrow Path (Mennonite)
Sawyer, Kim Vogel
     -  Waiting for Summer's Return (Mennonite)
     -  Where the Heart Leads (Mennonite)
     -  The Sommerfield Trilogy: (Mennonite)
          1.  Bygones
          2.  Beginnings
          3.  Blessings
Schmidt, Anna
     -  Amish Brides of Celery Fields:
          1.  Hannah's Journey
          2.  Family Blessings
Stuart, Kimberly - Operation Bonnet     
Wiseman, Beth
     -  Daughters of the Promise Series:
          1.  Plain Perfect
          2.  Plain Pursuit
          3.  Plain Promise
          4.  Plain Paradise
          5.  Plain Proposal
     -  The Land of Canaan Series: (Colorado Amish!)
          1.  Seek Me With All Your Heart
          2.  The Wonder of Your Love
          3.  His Love Endures Forever
Woodsmall, Cindy
     -  Ada's House Series:
          1.  The Hope of Refuge
          2.  The Bridge of Peace
          3.  The Harvest of Grace
     -  The Christmas Singing
     -  The Scent of Cherry Blossoms
Novella Collections:
     -  An Amish Gathering (Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Barbara Cameron)
     -  An Amish Christmas (Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Long, and Barbara Cameron)
     -  An Amish Love (Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long)
     -  An Amish Wedding (Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long)

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