Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I've Never Either

I started working on this list several weeks ago. I decided I'd be a copycat to another copycat. It seemed like the courteous thing to do ...

This is all I have so far. Don't think I'll ever get much further so I'm gonna settle for 25 instead of 50. Maybe I'll have a part 2 someday but for now this will have to do.

1. I've never gone skydiving.
2. I've never watched (or loved) Everybody Loves Raymond.
3. I've never regretted becoming a wife and mother.
4. I've never been a bridesmaid.
5. I've never bought a package of baby formula.
6. I've never been to a school dance.
7. I've never shopped on Harwin Street.
8. I've never held my second baby.
9. I've never lived on my own.
10. I've never told a "big player" in my life how drastically they broke my heart.
11. I've never forgotten the awe of the Grand Canyon I saw at the age of 11.
12. I've never wanted to live in Arkansas again.
13. I've never liked vegetables.
14. I've never completed a College Algebra class.
15. I've never sung the Star Spangled Banner in public.
16. I've never been to Hawaii. (Dreaming though ...)
17. I've never cooked a turkey.
18. I've never thought there was any point to being a debutante.
19. I've never thought cotillions were purposeful in anyway.
20. I've never watched an episode of Saturday Night Live.
21. I've never ridden in a limousine.
22. I've never lost my love for miniature golf.
23. I've never been good at driving bumper cars.
24. I've never enjoyed a high school reunion.
25. I've never bought cigarettes.

I was not good at this list. Took me a long time to compile these few. And while I know He's still working on me, I don't think there's many items on this list that would enrich my life if I had ever instead of never. - Lesa

"Be the most you can be, so life will be more because you were."
- Susan Glaspell


MMM said...

I think that is a wonderful list. You have done so much that I think that completely out weighs what you haven't. I think you should make a list of what you have never done but want to do. I LOVE YOU.

Deana Nall said...

Hmmm...I've bought cigarettes AND formula...just not in the same decade!

My scandals are sufacing...