Sunday, April 03, 2005


Don't get excited... this isn't a birds and bees talk! I just realized this morning that now that I have a grabby, cutie patootie baby again, I'm in abstinence mode.

From what????? I'm abstaining from two things for awhile. I went through this with my daughter four years ago. I'm giving up lipstick for I inflict WAY too many kisses to keep up with wiping the excess away. Will's cheeks would get too rosey!

And I'm done with earrings for the time being as well. Call me picky but I like the holes in my ears ... no slits wanted thank you very much. I don't think Will could resist any "on-board" decor that shines or shimmers!

Today is April 3 (although the person who collects the attendance cards at church will think me and my kids were the only ones who worshipped yesterday, since I put 4/2 on ours). Ya know, that was my only goof during my first time ever at church without Mark with our kids. I think I did pretty well.

Anyway, third day of April ... My goal is to have more blogs in April than I did in March. That should be painfully simple seeing as how I had a measley 3 entries last month. I had a lot going on in March. I think the Lord led me to blogging so I'm going to stick with it! And I'm going to try to do better! It's HIS way of working on me! - Lesa

"A simple act of love can make extraordinary things happen."
- Sharon Whitley

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Chad said...

Deana gave up long hair when we had Julia. If she didn't Julia would have made sure she did.