Monday, June 20, 2005

Little House Lives

Well, as I said so long to "Days" an old love resurfaced. Until recently, I'm not sure I ever knew just how wonderful a show "Little House on the Prairie" was.

Disney made a whole new mini-series of the original television pilot of the show. It aired in March and early April of this year. It brought back so many good memories. I could not wait to see some of the old episodes.

Well, as with anything these days, you can bid on Dvd sets of each season of "Little House" on ebay! I've started collecting them and they are so wonderful! What happened to family oriented shows like this?

My four year old LOVES to watch "Laura". She was disappointed at first because she couldn't find the fairy but that has since passed. That conversation went something like this.

"Mommy, I've been watching and watching and I haven't seen the fairy yet."

"What fairy Trini?"

"The one from this show with Laura."

"Trini, there aren't any fairies in the show with Laura."

"But Mommy, you said this show was about a little house and the fairy."

I laughed and explained and she giggled too. Then we had to have a long discussion about prairies and mountains and valleys, etc.

I guess Michael Landon was the dad we all wanted to have, especially for those of us that were in the limbo of not having a father who was present in our lives. Charles Ingalls was firm but loving and he always knew how to keep his cool or lose it at just the right time.

I had forgotten how much I loved this show when I was growing up. I think I was jealous of Laura for having Pa as a father. When she married her "Manly" I probably hurled looks that could kill at the television. After all, I was supposed to become Mrs. Wilder.

I'm still sheltering Trinity from some of the hunting scenes and some of the brawls that occur, but it has been a great series to re-live with my daughter. She has a "better than Pa" Daddy so she won't have to live vicariously through Laura. That thrills me greatly.

I wish I could have grasped growing up that I had my own "best parent". I wish I would have seen God as a father or even my father, not just THE Father. When I talk to Him now or write down a prayer, that's what He is to me more than anything else in my life. He's Father. Realizing that and embracing it brought me lots of comfort and gave me the grace to forgive some already, though I still have a bit of work to do in the forgiveness department. And with that, He's still working on me.
- Lesa

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." - Rev. Hesburgh