Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Where's My T-shirt?

Well, I went to Wal-Mart yesterday with both kiddos in tow. I'm shocked to report that it went not only bearable but very well. I really feel like I earned a shirt that says, "I survived Wal-Mart alone with both of my kids."

Maybe the t-shirts come when you have "harrowing" experiences like my previous grocery store "event" I blogged about. Normal, calm, uneventful outings go by the wayside. Although my shirt hasn't showed up from that now infamous grocery store catastrophe.

But boy oh boy was I excited yesterday! I think my baby has turned a corner. He still has his rotten sounding screeches but they are getting fewer and further between. He doesn't cry nearly as much as he used to. I don't know, maybe I've gotten faster at shoveling in his bites of food. And maybe I've gotten more attentive to him wanting to be picked up. In some way we've had a change around here and it's a great thing.

Thank You, Father, for this "calm after the storm" that we're living right now. Thank You for the blessing of my kiddos and that I am able and willing to to be all wrapped up in their little worlds! - Lesa

"If God had meant for today to be perfect, He would not have invented tomorrows." - Author Unknown


Nellie said...

So glad you had a successful outing with the kiddos. And, I will say a prayer of thanks for Will's improvement in the squealing department. You have to admit it really was very distinctive though. He had something all his own.

Before your children are grown you will think of many, many te-shirts you have earned!

Love you!

elizabeth said...

I feel the same way when I have had a successful outing with no tantrums. I get in my car with a huge smile on my face and sing "I am Mommy, hear me roar" in my head!

sarahdawn said...

I must admit that I am jealous! We attempted a field trip to the local skating rink this week and had to do the hasty exit routine.

I'm glad things are getting a bit easier/quieter for you. Tripp hit 9 months today. Just doesn't seem possible. They grow so fast. Love you girl!

GraceSaves said...

I had my first encounter with a fussy tantrum at Target the other day. Thank goodness she was teething so that when I got looks, I could tell them that. =) I think here in a month or so, I'll be waiting for daddy to get home to go shopping! God bless!

><>In HIM<><