Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ego Boost

Wanna feel good about yourself? I mean, do you want to feel like the best mommy and the best wife in the whole world? Wanna be at peace with your housekeeping skills and your own morals and beliefs?

It's really SO EASY. First, watch one episode of Supernanny. Next, watch one episode of Wifeswap. Might work better if you Tivo or record them and watch them back to back, although I've found that watching them on separate nights of the week works just fine. Oh, and an occasional Dr. Phil can give you a laugh and a boost as well.

Where do they find these people? I must be so average and so incredibly normal. I always see a bit of my thinking and ways in the more conservative family and then a bit of the same in the liberal family as well. Makes me right in the middle I'd say.

Mostly, these two shows make me so sad. They keep showing parents who have their children as accessories to their lives. Not as necessities and certainly not priorities. Parents that are never home or if they are home pay no attention to these little people.

And these parents who don't discipline their children ... in any way ... not even in a bad way! I guarantee you my two year old would be tied up in his room before he'd hit me or scream at me ... more than once. (Don't take me so literally ... no bondage around here.)

My jaw drops open when a parent complains about their kids watching too much television or "demanding" a different meal from the rest of the family. Are you kidding me? Our T.V. would be at the curb before my children watching it ran rampant. And demands? My four year old has never "demanded" I do anything. Gee, what would I do? I certainly wouldn't agree to comply!!

I'm young in my motherhood, just recently being blessed with a second little one. I don't claim to be all knowing when it comes to raising kids, but GIVE ME A BREAK. These aren't the difficult issues. I fear for teen years but I'm really hoping the smooth sailing now will evolve into a less than tumultuous young adulthood.

These most precious lives and souls are in our hands. Don't take it for granted, not even for a second.

We're all imperfect and striving to do better I'd say. If we weren't, what would God do all day? He'd be out of a job. I know for certain He's still working on me. - Lesa

"It is at our mother's knee that we acquire our noblest and truest and highest ideals." - Mark Twain

"The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart will forever walk about outside of your body." - Katherine Hadley


Deana Nall said...

Julia watched Supernanny with me once and she could not believe how bad the kids were! "I would never do that!" she kept saying. Did you see the one where the couple had twin boys who were absolute terrors and the parents said, "They run the house. We just pay the bills." What are people thinking?! "Hey, honey, let's have children and refuse to parent them so they grow into little tyrants."

MMM said...

Supernanny is a God send. No need for birth control these days. Just have a look around you in the mall. Or heaven forbid at Chuck E. Cheese. It's a SCARY sight.