Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Actual Conversation

This is an actual conversation that recently took place in our family.

A couple of weeks ago we were turning into our subdivision. Mark says to us all, "Look at those three really big dogs over there."

I immediately followed with, "Look at that huge raccoon right there."

Mark stopped the van as soon as it registered with him what I had said. He backed up and sure enough there sat the second biggest raccoon I had ever seen in my life. He was helping himself to somehing in the backyard of one of our subdivision's residents. One of the many out of the ordinary adventures around here.

Incidentally, the largest raccoon I have ever seen was in the Cone-Crossland Zoo in Crossett, AR. I think his name was Rocky. (On a side note, if he is still imprisoned there, I would encourage Crossett residents to rise up and demand his freedom be restored at once. He deserves better!)

Grand Junction is really a nice place to live. We are enjoying the newness of it still. The house is coming together and life is moving on.

The contractor should finish the grout on my new tub tomorrow morning. After that the house will be all ours again. We had a midget tub when we moved in. Please don't get all up in arms for little people. I'm not saying the tub was for midgets, which I wouldn't call them. It was itself a midget of a tub with a depth of a whopping 14 inches. (If the tub is offended you can join its cause for rights, etc.)

The new tub ... oh me oh my ... the new tub ... 22 inches deep folks! And although we didn't set out to get one with jets, it has them and they are good. Let the people say AMEN! I got to use it last night after the plumber got it installed. VERY COOL! I'll post pics here or on our yahoo group when they finish. "Tooooo - morrow, too - morrow, I love ya, ta-morrow, You're only a day away!!!!!!!!!!"

Blssings everybody!

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Mary Lou said...

Hey Lesa,
It sounds like you, Mark and family are adjusting to Colorado nicely. So you have a big new tub with jets! Kudos! I found your blog through Sarah F. blog.
We miss you all here in Tx. But I know you are enjoying your new place. Drop me a note sometime. My email is the same. And if yours gets a spam notice, have patience and I'll pick it up and change your email address.
Oh and I'm retiring this year. yippee!

Love you.