Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blackmail or Under the Influence?

What makes someone choose chaos in their life? What makes someone choose repeatedly a person who has no reguard for anyone but themselves over others who love them and will support them?
I don't understand how someone who is mean, careless, selfish, hateful, rude, mentally unstable, let's just call it psychotic ... how can someone like this get their way all the time? How can they run all over loving, innocent people and no one ever say ENOUGH!
It must be blackmail ... or someone is being drugged to let this horrible person ruin the lives of innocent, godly, hardworking people.
Lord, bless the hearts of those I write about. Father, help them see they are making everything worse by allowing this behavior to continue, as well as harboring it and nurturing it. Father, give me the words or show me the actions needed to help heal and better this situation if indeed I can.

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sarahdawn said...

praying for all of you effected by this situation.