Monday, August 18, 2008

My Own Words Haunt Me

As of last Wednesday, August 13, I began physical therapy for intense pain I've been having in my lower back.

The first day went well. I felt sore that night but the next day I was phenomenally better. Then I went back on Friday. It was not as fun any more.

She makes me use muscles I don't have. My legs, my backside, my tummy ... my moosles don't work that way. And that night, I hurt and ached very much. The next day I felt even worse.

I told Mark last night, while I was actually feeling very well, that I didn't know if I would go back. He didn't miss a beat and reminded me of how I "encouraged" Trinity to continue her therapy for her broken arm last summer ... even though it was not fun and it was very uncomfortable for her.

Argh! He can't remember a 5 item grocery list for 15 minutes but he can pull that out of his hat from a year ago???? Not fair.


Paul Fagala said...

Men have the ability to pull things like that out with amazing accuracy! It's God's gift to you! :-)

I hope your therapy does you good. Back pain is no fun. Let us know how it goes.

sarahdawn said...

Love it when they do that! (yes, that was sarcastic.) I hope it gets better. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery.

Calling Out 100 said...

Haha! Go Mark. He always has the nicest way of pointing things out, which makes it even worse. Hope therapy goes well this week! :)