Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Day"zed and Amused

My sweet hubby didn't ask for much for Christmas. He rarely does. But if what he asks for is within my ability to aquire, I do my best to fill his grown up Christmas list!

This year he asked for a "Baby Blues" daily desk calendar. With our new little one afoot he has found great humor in this very simple comic strip. I just had to oblige.

I went to and quickly found a calendar for sale for a great price. With immense speed and much efficiency very early in December I purchased, paid for, and eagerly awaited his gift to arrive. I was so pleased with myself and couldn't wait for when he'd open it on Christmas Day.

The package arrived a week or so later and I thought it felt awfully big for a desk calendar. Initially I got concerned that it was some gargantuan sized, freaky-weird type calendar I had purchased. But then, I opened the package. There was indeed a regular sized desk calendar inside ... FOUR OF THEM!

I got excited thinking I had REALLY gotten a great deal. Went and looked at the sale site and sure enough, it said four. I had missed that when I made the purchase. Luckily no mistake had been made and everything was as it was supposed to be.

I decided almost instantly that I would auction on ebay the extra three. They had been going for much more on ebay than what I paid. I could get him something extra with the profits I thought.

It wasn't until I began typing in the description of the calendars that reality finally set in. I thought about crying but I had to just laugh. I was the proud owner of FOUR Baby Blues desk calendars for 2004. Yep, these calendars were good for about 3 more weeks.

I couldn't tell Mark because I didn't want him to know I was planning and trying to get one for him. But the humor of it was fully realized on Christmas morning when I told him my nifty little error. We laughed and laughed and now I have a comic strip to send to every one I know. Actually, I probably have enough to send to every person I've ever even met! 1,460 comic strips to be exact!

Haste will get you every time. I know it gets me every time. Oh well, thank goodness He's still working on me! - Lesa

"Don't complain how the ball bounces after you dropped it."
~ Jack Bradford

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