Thursday, April 19, 2007

Progress Report

I forget how faithful God is when I behave myself. He has been so good to me this week. Of all the times I've attempted "Weigh Down Workshop" principles, this one has been the easiest. I really don't feel like I've had to deprive myself this week at all. I felt that way before. I knew when I was full and it was very difficult for me to stop at that point.

The scale certainly reflects God's mercy. (I plan to report that progress monthly as I know how greatly it can fluctuate, especially for women.) He rewards me so when I am obedient and put Him first. The greatest rewards though are in my heart and in my changing attitudes. Overall this week I've felt joyful and grateful.

Currently when the kids hit rest time I do the following:
~ Copy my Verse of the Day from my daily email
~ Comment on the verse if I feel I need to.
~ Make a short prayer list and spend a few minutes in prayer trying to just "talk" with my Father.
~ I make a note of Thanksgiving.
~ I make a note of Confession.
~ I spend 10 minutes reading from the book of Psalms. I'm going straight through. I jot down verses that speak to me and sometimes a short comment on them.
~ I spend 10 minutes with devotional music playing copying the book of Isaiah.

Ya know, I felt a little embarrassed initially of my babysteps of faith to jumpstart me back to the spiritual place I needed to be. But when I actually write it down, that's not half bad.

And the cool thing about babysteps is that I haven't gotten overwhelmed and skipped or put off 'til later my process even once since Saturday. I'm proud of that. I did choose to alter it yesterday to spend time reading and sending out an impromptu on-line Bible Question search I'd done. I feel okay about that because it was just as essential to my spiritual health this week as my regular routine.

On another note, today was a gorgeous day as so many are here in the Grand Valley. We met three other homeschool families and their kids at a nice park in GJ. The moms were SO NICE. I really enjoyed talking to them. They are the moms of girls that will hopefully make up Trinity's new Brownie Troop next fall which I will lead. The kids had a blast. I had to have enjoyed it more than they did though.

Yesterday was a horrendously windy day. From our second floor you can see three different mountain ranges. The Bookcliffs, the Grand Mesa, and the Colorado National Monument. The wind was so fierce yesterday that it created a major dust storm. You could just barely make out the top of each range if you looked really really hard. The air was brown and visibility was awful.

Occasional wind ... I'll take it. It beats the dickens out of tornadoes, thunderstorms, smoldering heat and the ever-so-fun hurricanes!

I must say that I really questioned getting a two story house. It was never on my radar to do so. I can't imagine not having this house and not having the views it affords us. Although we'll be on a shoestring budget for at least a couple of years, it is SO WORTH IT!

Have a blessed day in our Father's World!

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