Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Progress Report Mid-Week 3

Okay, here goes. The first week of Weigh Down I lost 5 1/2 pounds. (God doesn't work accordig to man's reccommended weight loss numbers! Thank GOODNESS!) The second week I gained 1/2 a pound. Truthfully I lost more than that each week but I had two really rough weekends in a row where I was in pain or exhausted and I comforted myself with food and did not get in the Word. (The first weekend I had aches and chills in reaction to two shots I got. The second weekend I was suffering from SEVERE FATIGUE in reaction to a new medicine my new doctor was trying on me.)

However, I was still disappointed in myself. For even if I couldn't get out of bed, I surely did not HAVE to overeat. I'm back on track now. Even the week between the weekends I did very well.

I've entered my Verse of the Day every single day, including those two weekends. I've made it through the first 37 chapters of Psalms, reading and commenting only 10 minutes a day. I've copied by hand the first 5 chapters of Isaiah and am a little ways into chapter 6, copying only 10 minutes a day. I've watched the first 3 videos of Weigh Down Advanced.

Yesterday I began walking 15 minutes a day on my treadmill. That thing is a God send for a mother of two young kids. FLYLady ( kicked off a Bless Your Heart Project and I wanted to tag along. We FLYBabies enter our minutes on a counter on her website each day and for every 15 minutes we travel one mile across America. I couldn't believe all the places we got to yesterday. Of course, you have to enter your minutes to see the progress!

I'm walking for a couple of reasons. I'm not doing it for weight loss. God is delivering me from overweight in His own way and time. I know that without a doubt. I'm walking to be a part of FLYLady's program and I'm walking because I don't want to leave my soul mate and my beautiful children early because of heart disease. "Heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and No. 3 killers of women. They are two of the many cardiovascular diseases that kill nearly 500,000 women each year. That is more than the next seven causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer." - American Heart Association

Spiritual Jewels: I've been in the Word consistently and more than I have in quite sometime. I've gone to the Lord in prayer daily.

Physical Jewels: I am losing weight. Clothes are already fitting a little better and I'm hoping my wedding rings will be back on pretty soon. I had blood work done on 4/20. My numbers were good. My diabetes was under good control and my cholesterol was 111. WOO HOO! It was over 300 early last year and still at 233 in December. It was my first good report in a long time.

Struggles: I have a hard time getting smaller portions. It's getting better, but I want to load up my plate. I don't struggle with getting seconds, so that's good. And, I need to quit thinking so much about my next opportunity to eat.

As the weekend approaches, I could use some prayers. Hopefully I won't have any "trouble issues" so just prayers for me to stay the course and keep on the right path would be great! Drop me a comment or an email if you can send up a prayer!

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