Thursday, May 10, 2007

She Quacks Me Up!

So last week we're headed to Trini's Daisy Scout meeting. Some man, a child of God I know, was riding right on my tail with me and both of my children in our van. As I approached a traffic light we were both in the left lane. People in the right lane were turning right. We all know what this fruit loop was about to do, right? He's going to go flying around me.

Being the always Christian like person that I am, I started saying, "Hurry up! Come on! Whip around me. Hurry. Hurry. Don't wait too long now." I really didn't say it very ugly at all. I was just venting. However, Trinity heard me and inquired as to who I was talking to. LOL!

(I first said,) " Don't turn around but there is a rude man who isn't driving very safely behind us. He's riding too close to us and Mommy doesn't like it."

True to form, Mr. Loop, Mr. Fruit Loop, flies on around and speeds by. I told Trini that was him and that he was getting away from us so she didn't have to worry about it.

She didn't miss a beat and piped up with, quoting her verbatim, "Dude, it's not like it's a race or anything."

I nearly swerved I laughed so hard. I sent up a little prayer for Mr. Fruit Loop/Child of God the next day. He did give me a memorable moment with my daughter at least.

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Deana Nall said...

We were so sad to hear about Trinity's accident! Please let her know prayers are going up from Arkansas... for all of you!