Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Progress Report Mid-Week 4

I know there were some prayers ascending for me this weekend. I could feel it. It went so much better than the two before. Thank you and bless you!

I think I'm being much more obedient to God's will for me regarding food but I'm doing it begrudgingly. I'm waiting for that day when I don't want to disobey. Obedience is great but it seems like it would be better received if it was practiced happily. HA!

Spiritual Jewels: My prayer life. Wow. I think I thought or had convinced myself that I was praying every day before. I was wrong. What a difference a constant, on-going prayer life makes. It keeps me focused on the needs of others as well as keeping God at the center of my focus for fixing my spirit and body. I jot down prayer requests or needs on a page I designate for that in my notebook so they are right there each day when I start my devotional time.

Physical Jewels: Saturday I gave my sweets to God all day as a sacrifice of Thanksgiving for the milestone I got to. I'm not ready to announce actual numbers, I'm still dealing with some issues of shame. But I will say I haven't been this weight since I was pregnant with Will, who is now 2 1/2. So I had some celebrating to do.
Week 1 - 5 1/2 lbs.
Week 2 + 1/2 lb.
Week 3 - 4 lbs.
Total Amount of Overweight God has delivered me from - 9 lbs.

Struggles: I'm very rarely desiring food when I'm not hungry. Stopping at a reasonable satisfaction is very difficult still. It does seem to get a little easier each week for the most part though.

God Breeze: I realized this week that even when I did go a little overboard once or twice it wasn't mega overboard as in years passed. Also, one little mistake didn't have to define my whole week or even my whole day. It was a bad choice or sometimes I do accidentally mess up. It doesn't mean all of my hard work to change has to go out the window. I just wait for hunger again and do better the next time. This is a HUGE change even from the first two weeks of this effort. During those two rough weekends I would overeat. The next time I would think, "Well, I already messed up so I might as well enjoy this too," or "I can always start over again tomorrow or Monday." You get the idea. This was a really good breakthrough for me. YIPPEE!!

Blessing My Heart: I've walked for 15 minutes every morning save one since May 1. It amuses me to look at the settings on my treadmill. The recommended walking speed is 3 mph. The recommended cool down speed is 2.5 mph. I'm UP to walking 2 mph. LOL! Babysteps folks! I had to start somewhere. I've walked all over the country, including Hawaii which cracks me up, with FLYLady. And I get my little heart sticker on my calender every day that I walk.

Personal Prayer Concerns: We have a vacation coming up soon. Eating out is always a big, fun part of vacations for me. Pray that I'll focus on the joy of our family unity and time together and also focus on my hunger and fullness signals. It may be hard to find quiet time to get in the Word so pray I'll manage that as well.

You can also pray for forgiveness for me for my Robin Thicke commentary. LOL

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sarahdawn said...

Your Robin commentary was well deserved.

As for the eating out on vacation -is there anyone in your family you can split with? That always helps a lot - both the pocket book and the waistline!