Friday, May 25, 2007

You Say Orthopedic, I Say Orthopaedic

So I felt like a little bit of dummy after my post last week about Trinity's arm breaking accident. I had spelled her doctor's specialty "orthopedic". I got to looking at his business card and saw an "a" in there, making it "orthopaedic". Feeling not so smart, I went in and edited my post.

As we were driving home from her orthopaedic doctor's office on Tuesday, we passed another doctor's office that was an association of Orthopedic Physicians. Say what?? I was more confused than ever.

Enter old Mr. Webster. Apparently, mankind in all of its wisdom has decided the specialty can be spelled either way. ???? ???? ????

So then I began asking myself about her doctor, "Why would you add the 'a' if you were a doctor in this world trying to make money off of simple minded people?" I mean everything in me says there should not be an "a" in this word. Memories of spelling lists and rules from early school years still ring in my ears.

So as it turns out I was right to begin with, and to end with. What an aggravation. Just in case you ever wanted to know, that's the story on the difference or lack thereof between these two words.

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