Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Dentist It Is

Since all zero of my readers gave me some input on what to do about the dentist issue, I decided I would be more relaxed with another dentist. I am wise beyond my years!

My new dentist was so nice. She cranked up my Nitrous and numbed me up BIG TIME!! She filled my cavity and sent me on my way! What a relief.

I prayed before I left and just as I walked in. I asked God to guide her hands and asked Him to chill me out and let this get taken care of. Between my prayers, her good work, and them not treating me as if I was some crazy nut job, it went well!

I thanked God as I left for letting this get taken care of. Now I get to focus on having another cavity filled and a crown replaced. WOO HOO! It is easier to look ahead after having a better experience though!

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