Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Bang" Up Job

Well, I guess I haven't mentioned before now that I've been letting my bangs grow out. That would not seem an issue of interest to most, but anyone that knows me and has for a long time will realize the significance.

I believe I first had bangs in 1st grade. That, for me was 1980-1981. The clencher is I've had them ever since. I've considered growing them out several times, but never had the patience or the self-confidence to endure the awkward "in-between" stage when they are too long to hang down your forehead but not long enough to pull over to the side out of the way.

And then there was the haunting remark that was made to me very early in life by a family member. "Your forehead is so big you should always wear bangs." It really stinks how one person's not so bright comment can stick with a child her whole life.

So anyway, between moving to Colorado, my working to get my body healthier, and having a fresh clean slate to be and do whatever I want, I've decided to grow my bangs out. Oh, and being too busy to go get a haircut helped too. I have to say Mark and I are both digging it!

I think I goofed though. I could tell health wise my hair wasn't doing well. I had lots of split ends and it was very tangled after shampooing. And that was after I'd been using Redken a.k.a. expensive shampoo. I also noticed my bangs weren't blending in with the rest of my hair. They were down below my eyes but when I put them over to the side, they just didn't blend in.

So, I decided I would get a little trim and then ... oh my ... a body wave perm. Now, I didn't want tight little curls and I didn't want a cotton ball head. I just wanted a little bit of a wave and I thought that would help blend my bangs into the rest of my hair.

Well, I did it on Monday night. I don't think I'm happy with it. And that depresses me because I know how much it cost. However, I haven't gotten to wash it, which I know (and am praying) will help relax it. And, I got a special re-constructor to help with the tangles, which are much worse now.

Basically folks, I'm a schmuck. I was getting uncomfortable with the change. So I made a decision to try to fix it. I had decided which size rods I wanted ahead of time and I let the lady with weird hair and tattoos talk me into smaller ones. It will last longer she said. What is wrong with me?

Well, at least now I have the option of curls. I can straighten it out some with a blow dryer or a curling iron. And after it relaxes some it may be just what I had in mind. I just can't help wondering what is wrong with me. Why not just leave well enough alone? I'll give myself a break. It needed something. I just guessed wrong!

I'm working on that whole "being content in any situation" we're encouraged to practice in the Bible. So, I'll just focus on the cuteness of the tight little curl that keeps falling in front of my left eye. And now, maybe no one will ask where Trini gets her curls from! They don't have to know I paid for mine!

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sarahdawn said...

Oh that pesky tendency to mess with something that isn't really broken plagues me to. Hope the curls relax enough to make you happy. I am glad to hear you found a dentist you are happy with. I personally always find it harder to find the right hair person than the right dentist/eye doctor/etc....see you're just facing a few of the challenges of settling in. The curls will relax and so will you, and you'll have healthy pearly whites to show off as you smile your contented heart away!