Thursday, June 07, 2007

Progress Report Mid-Week 8

I truly didn't mean to take so long to compose an update. I've been busy around here though!

"We" completed Kindergarten last week. Trini got to go see Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. Then we had to get busy preparing for a HOUSE FULL O' COMPANY! My mom, step-dad, sister, and her four kids came for a visit. They left this morning after arriving late Sunday night. I'm whooped!

So, I've been busy and distracted and just now getting some time to catch my breath.

Body Clutter:
Week 1 - 5 1/2
Week 2 + 1/2
Week 3 - 4
Week 4 No weigh in - at hospital
Week 5 + 2 1/2
Week 6 + 1/2
Week 7 - 4 1/2

Total weight loss since committing to do it .... 10 1/2 lbs.
Total weight loss since January .... 21 lbs.

For some reason, I wasn't giving myself credit for the weight I lost when I wasn't really trying to. How stupid is that? I lost more than 10 pounds during the process of our move. I had gained a little back by the time I started trying hard to get it under control but still, I've come a long way since January so I'm going to start giving some credit where credit is due. Thank You, Father, for delivering me from 21 lbs. of overweight.

Spiritual Jewels:
Overall I'm feeling better about my prayer life and about my time in the Word. Life actually slows down and falls into place after I've talked with God each day. He manages to speak to me in at least a verse or two every time I open my Bible.

Physical Jewels:
Clothes are getting looser. My knees and feet aren't aching quite as bad. Still no wedding rings but I feel like I'm getting closer.

Devotional Time:
I have postponed my copying project in Isaiah. I was in the middle of chapter 11 on that. I took a break because I was reading After the Boxes Are Unpacked regarding moving on after moving in. I finished it last week but am still retracing parts of it. It was fraught with Scripture reference and so much insight to the struggles I've had recently with living in a new place. I plan to go back and search through more of the Scriptures referenced in the weeks ahead. It is my hope to post some of what I sort through on my blog.

I have continued on with my journey through the book of Psalms. I start chapter 92 tomorrow. I've never read the book all the way through and I chose to start with it because the writing speaks to me and I knew I would stay with something I like.

Blessing My Heart:
Other than catching up on housework that had fallen by the wayside when Trini got hurt, I've abandoned how well I was doing with walking each morning. I miss it and do intend to get back to it. Mark trimmed the branches of the tree in our front yard as Spring had caused them to block my view of the Colorado National Monument mountain.

I'm still starting with too much food at meals. I've decided that I'm going to start using a dessert plate for my meals. That usually works for me. I don't like for the plate to be full so I end up with a portion smaller than a dessert plate which is often less than a "not full" portion on a regular sized plate.

Prayer Concerns:
Gramps is doing as well as could be expected. He's been moved to a nursing home and they've had him up in a chair some. Pray for his peace with his situation and for his wife's comfort and strength during this whole ordeal.

Trini's arm isn't bothering her too bad and isn't slowing her down too much. She goes on Tuesday for more x-rays and to possibly get the pins out. Pray that her itches won't get the best of her and that if the pins are removed she'll be brave and it won't be too uncomfortable.

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