Thursday, July 10, 2008

Piercing Moment

I got Trinity's ears pierced when she was one year old. She cried for a milli-second and then it was over. She enjoyed earrings until she was at least 4 but then went for a significant amount of time without wearing any. Well, they closed up. Some think that is impossible but I assure you it isn't.

See, her mommy got her ears pierced when she was in 8th grade. It took three trips to the mall before I finally worked up enough courage. I think the time I went through with it I was with my Aunt Ileene. Anyway, after wearing earrings for over 15 years, mine closed up too when I went for a long time without wearing earrings.

I've been wanting to go get them pierced for a year or two now but I was waiting on Trinity so I could use it as an incentive for her. We could get them done together. Finally last week she was ready.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008, Trinity gets her ears pierced at Claire's. She was stunned and teared up after the first one so I lit a fire under the girl doing the piercing and she quickly got the second one in. Then, Trinity's mommy got her ears pierced too. Have your 7 year old watch you. You can't react at all. It wasn't bad. Weird sensation.

So, we're styling in our new ear lobe bling. Happy happy.

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Sean, Brenda, Grace and Maggie Cornish said...

CONGRATS!!! I had to get my ears repierced as well. PAINFULL!!! Congrats on being a big girl for Trinity!