Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Thoughts and Reports

Random Item #1 -

Ridgway State Park was beautiful and Clyde served us well. We spent Father's Day weekend there and enjoyed every minute. To the right you'll find a picture of our campsite there. To the lower left you'll find a picture of Will enjoying his trike with God's glory rising high behind him.

Random Item #2 -

Here’s the Memo
For a good twenty years now, quite possibly longer, it has been considered quite uncool to wear black socks or even dark socks with shorts and sneakers. I thought it was common knowledge but recently I’ve noticed men of all ages trying to pull off this look. So guys, if there isn’t a woman in your life at all or if there isn’t one who loves you enough to keep you from leaving the house this way, consider this my mission of mercy. It’s your memo … your 4-1-1. Don’t commit this assault on fashion any longer.

Random Item #3 -

I'm a Democrat. People who've known me for years may not know that. Now you do. Forward your garbage about Barack Obama to someone else. Those of you who persist in calling him Osama ... something is really wrong with you. He is not a Muslim. He did not refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance nor refuse to put his hand over his heart for it. Here's a little gem of wisdom for you schmucks who keep forwarding everything that lands in your inbox: JUST BECAUSE YOU READ SOMETHING IN AN EMAIL DOESN'T MEAN IT IS TRUE. Shocking I know.

Random Item #4 -

People keep saying to me that we can't just pull out of the war in the Middle East. When you ask them why they say, "We just can't." Stupidity abounds.

Random Item #5 -

My back hurts. Badly.

Random Item #6 -

I've been checking out Northern Exposure episodes from our library. It is an interesting show. I love the Alaskan setting. Gets a little goofy but it passes the time.

Random Item #7 -

It is okay for women to want to have fun and fellowship at a Ladies' Retreat. It is not just about the spiritual food or simply connecting with God. He is glorified through our connecting to each other and most normal human beings crave such connections.

Random Item #8 -
I really enjoy reading Christian novels that take place in the Amish community. I wish I could be a pen pal with an Amish woman my age.

Random Item #9 -

Those of you who harbor racist thoughts but think you aren't teaching your kids racism, or perhaps you know you are teaching them to be racists and are even a little proud of it, this is for you: (but you won't get it)

You've got to be taught to hate and fear

You've got to be taught from year to year

It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear

You've got to be carefully taught.

You've got to be taught to be afraid

Of people whose eyes are oddly made

and people whose skin is a different shade

You've got to be carefully taught.

You've got to be taught before it's too late

before you are six or seven or eight

To hate all the people your relatives hate

You've got to be carefully taught.

--From the musical, South Pacific

Just a bunch of things that have been on my mind and in some cases bothering me lately. Probably enough for now.

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Laura said...

Beautiful pic of Will on trike! I thought they only made mountains like that in story books... hope y'all had fun.