Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, She Never! #1

You ever hear older folks exclaim, "Well I never!" when they are shocked by certain behaviors?

Regarding my son and his older sister I shout a resounding, "Well SHE never!"

Over the years I have found myself saying this many times. Will tries all sorts of things Trinity would never try. He gets into more mischief, he is more vocal, and recently, well recently he caught me off guard.

Mark was in the garage cleaning out Lucinda while I was loading sheets into the washing machine. Will walks up and says, "There's a brown thing with a hole in it in here."

"What brown thing?" I ask.

"I don't know," he replied.

"A brown thing in where?" I ask.

"Here," he says and points to his nose.

Well, she never ... so this was a first for me. I opened the garage door and told Mark I needed his help with Will. I went to get tweezers and met Mark coming in as I was headed back to Will. I began envisioning a long wait in the ER and started plotting to find a weekend emergency clinic. Thoughts of the item, which I was now thinking was a plastic bead, entering a sinus cavity and needing emergency surgery were running through my head.

So there we stood; I with my tweezers and Mark with a suction bulb (the one we brought home from the hospital with William). Finally I worked up enough nerve and pulled the object of concern out. As it turned out it was about a half inch long, much to my surprise. It was a little plastic sleeve that covers up the little pins that hold shelves in place on cheaper furniture. What on earth?

I was on the verge of tears during the brief ordeal but also found myself giggling and shaking my head. What else can you do? Will keeps life interesting. He challenges me almost every day, but I'm determined to raise a momma's boy. He really is my mini angel man.

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sarahdawn said...

WHen we were kids my brother stuffed one of those little yellow bb's up his nose. I have very vivid memories of standing in the garage at night with my mom helping hold hte clear nostril closed and insisting that he BLOW! Boys are so weird. I don't remember if wasa Paulk or MArtin boy that stuck a redhot in his ear. Can you imagine how that would look after it had been there a while and the red started to melt out?!?! Gross.