Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - "Fruit Trees"

Block #2: "Fruit Trees"

Started on 6-20-11
Completedon 6-21-11

I had a lot of fun with this block. I enjoy doing applique' but I get bogged down with big projects taking a long time. This was nice because it was fun and DONE!

I read a book recently of people who owned an orchard. I loved the descriptions of them walking through and under the shade of the massive rows of fruit trees. I don't know if I've ever visited an orchard. Hmmm ... Sounds like a fun fall field trip for me and the kiddos.

Some of my fabric colors are probably going to be too bright to reflect ones the Amish might use. But it will reflect me and my color choices so I guess an homage to the Amish in my own way is acceptable.

Blogged two days in a row. Will wonders never cease?

Father, help me see the small miracles of your design for this world in the simplicity of a fruit tree!

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