Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cooking Something Up

This is a bit of a blast from the past. I originally wrote it as an email to all those who know and love my husband. It was written in September 2003. It makes me laugh even now. It makes me a little hungry too.


I had my Weigh Down Workshop class last night so I had prepared a casserole for Mark to bake for supper. He actually remembered to get the oven heated up! He also remembered to cook it. He grabbed the casserole dish off the top of the stove and popped it in.

40 minutes later he lifted up the foil and didn't see anything so he pulled the dish out. As he removed the foil he found BLACKENED Hello Dolly cookie remnants and a shriveled, shrank and melted spatula!

Standing near the incriminating evidence, I was recovering from the painful laughter that overcame me! All of a sudden his face lit up like a child on Christmas morning and he moved to the sink to show me an empty dish there.

(Let me preface this next part by saying that we concluded on Sunday that something has died in our refrigerator and gone into hiding as we can not find the offending item. Bad, bad smell only when the fridge is opened.)

He said, "I messed up dinner but I found our culprit from the fridge. These nasty looking potatoes had to have been in there for months! Don't worry ... I threw them all out!"

I took a step back ... so that he wouldn't be within arm's reach of me. I then informed him that those "nasty, old potatoes" had been the ones I had spent over an hour and half making earlier that afternoon!!!!!!

Normally, I might have found a way to be amused at this as well, but these potatoes were significant to me. You see, the devil-incarnate, my orthodontist, put new torture devices on last week. (Evil creations called buttons on the backsides of my lower teeth.) I haven't been able to chew much since last Wednesday and I had finally found the time to make me some mushy scalloped potatoes.

In 8 years of marriage, my husband has NEVER EVER thrown something away from in the fridge. Poor Mark ... he couldn't win for losing last night. I ended up laughing about it later ... with a growling stomach.

Guess He's still working on Mark, and me! - Lesa

"What a sad thing it is when you have to blow out other's candles to make your own shine brighter." - Author Unknown

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