Friday, November 12, 2004

Doing Nothing So I Can Do Something

I've been wanting to start my own blogspot for at least a couple of weeks now. I've "postponed" doing it because I've always had something else that really took precedence over it and needed to be done first. Of course, I didn't always get to the something else, but at least I did nothing with what I truly wanted to do so if it struck my fancy I could do the less desirable something I needed to do.

Will all of my posts ramble on so? To be honest it's quite possible. I'm blessed to be a Christian, wife of one, mother of two humans and three canines, daughter of six, granddaughter of eleven, sister of nine, and an aunt of nine (soon to be ten)! (I included in-laws and out-laws and steps in all of that!) Add that to my glorious occupation of domestic engineer (yes, housewife and homemaker) and I stay pretty ... well ... loopy ... I mean ... busy!

My son will be two months old in two days. For some reason, being the mother of two has made me feel like more of a grown up than I did with just one child. I mean, getting the minivan in 2002 packed its punch. And although turning 30 last year wasn't so bad, I felt the realness of adulthood when I hit 31 last week. But a second child ... that was the real clincher. I'm the driver, the chaperone, the leader, the caretaker, the parent ... I'm all grown up!

So, I started writing this an hour ago. I've been interrupted by a hungry child that my daughter and I have fondly named the piranha. (Yes, I'm nursing; or rather he is.) And I'm not sure if I'm getting to my point or even if I have one.

I did have the intention of bringing up the leg bounce I've acquired since the birth of my son. Whether standing, sitting, or sometimes even laying in bed, if my son is in my arms, my legs bounce. He can be crying, smiling, screaming, silent. They bounce. The louder he cries the deeper and faster the bounces get. (Sure sign of desperation.) Today he started crying in another room and I got the bounce going before I ever even picked him up!

I noticed the ailment affects other new moms as well. My friend Deana had her bounce on with her daughter last night in Bible class. Get us together and you've got an aerobics class ... we're way too active for yoga. Deana, incidentally, has inspired me to become a writer or at least a "blogspotter". Her baby is 3 weeks older than mine. If she can fine time to decompress on-line then I can too by golly.

My only other unmentionable today, that I'll be so bold as to mention, was my first shot at mopping since my son has arrived. Yeah, he's 2 months old. I do have the excuse of having had a c-section, but let's face it; I'm not an avid mopper. (Is anyone?) Except when I'm having company, which I am this weekend. I had to go in search of the mop, that's how long it had been.

I mopped right before I started writing here. Late at night ... that's the time to do it. No one to distract you. No dogs to go pee, no child wanting milk or fruit chews or goldfish, no husband wanting you to find something he can't find because his x-ray vision isn't working and things don't move out of the way on their own for him to look behind them for what he's in search of. Oh, but that's another story.

Thanks for sharing your time with me ... all two of you that may read this. I promise it'll get better. Well, I promise it will probably get better. After all, He's still working on me. - Lesa

"Your state of mind is your state of life." - Peter C. Siegel


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog. Brenda P. How do I sign on, I don't get it so I'm here but not really anonymous

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog. Brenda P. How do I sign on, I don't get it so I'm here but not really anonymous