Thursday, November 18, 2004

Home Fires Burning

I really like to cook. I love baking and if my little girl is by my side then oh so much the better; a little slice of Heaven I believe.

I've always had a good handle on things in the kitchen. Sure, I've had my mishaps and my funny moments. But for the most part, I run a pretty tight ship and create mini masterpieces now and then.

Since the birth of my son two months ago, or really since his conception, my brain has not been functioning at full capacity. I start a load of clothes washing. Then, two days later I'll start it washing again. If I'm lucky, the next day they'll get dried. I walk from one side of the house to the other three times before I remember why I started the long journey in the first place. I forget to pick up things at stores. Things that are on my shopping list. That would be the shopping list I HAVE WITH ME!

Well, tonight the condition oozed its way into my kitchen. This is where I draw the line. I set the timer on the oven. I set it for the wrong time, but I set it none the less. The cookies for Mark's Thanksgiving celebration at work tomorrow are Cajun style. For all of you non-Louisianans, that's blackened. I could have cried.

One catapulted to the floor as I tried to pry it out of its little muffin cup. Luckily the mess was minimized as our peke-a-poo did her thing. Our personal little vacuum with instincts she is! I was happy to not have that mess to clean up. When I heard her gagging as she was "woofing" it down, my happiness faded. And Mark's still taking them to work tomorrow.

Gourmet chef I'm not ... but He's still working on me! - Lesa

"Experience is a wonderful thing; it enables us to recognize a mistake every time we repeat it." - Author Unknown

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