Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - #77 - "Monkey Wrench"

Block # 77 - "Monkey Wrench"
Started on 9/5/11
Completed on 9/5/11
Technique: Pieced

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! We had a little snow on the ground here in Western Colorado and Santa was good to all of us. My greatest gift this year was peace! Peace of mind, peace of home, peace and quiet in my home (and my mind). It was a nice lull from the busy-ness that had been over-running us lately.

I sat down in my quilt room for the first time in weeks yesterday. It felt good to turn my machine on and have it whir to life. I quilted one of the nine blocks of a Christmas quilt I've worked on for the last 3 Christmases. It will be done by next Christmas. I just know it. Easily by 2013. Definitely by 2014. For sure.

So here's a nice little block that wasn't too much trouble to assemble. I like quilting so much that it seems every pattern or style is my favorite. I do like the lines and angles and the contrast in fabrics with this one a lot though.

The writer talked of her relative visiting and arriving by train. I find it odd that Amish live without so many of the modern conveniences you and I share and yet most of them are probably much more familiar with a train station and how it works to make passage via a train. I would find it absolutely hysterical to see a modern man or woman asking an Amish person for directions at the train station. It gives me a chuckle just to think of it.

My friend Nicole recently took a train to Chicago (from Grand Junction). I have to admit it has given me the itch to try it myself. I'm not sure that I'd want to go alone really but on the other hand I feel quite certain I wouldn't want to be cooped up with my kids for too long either. I don't know that I could get away with a train ride without William though. Well, dreams (itches) are nice to have. Maybe someday!

I am making an effort to quilt at least one block a day this week. I have a special quilt for a special someone that I need to get a binding on pretty quick like too. Just typing about it makes me excited for the projects to come in the year ahead.

I have hopes of blogging some devotional thoughts in the near future. I've been having some really great moments of devotion lately and it occurred to me yesterday that perhaps I should share some of those thoughts through my blog. I am considering starting a new blog for that but that may be more trouble than it is worth. Perhaps I will somehow meld all of my random thoughts and ideas into this one blog and just let it morph into whatever the Lord has in store.

Father, keep me focused on the good in my life. Make clear to me your purposes for the work You are doing in me. Deliver me from the Egypt of my life and make me a stronger servant of yours. Continue Your work on my patchwork heart.

Blessings Y'all!


Rosemary Youngs said...

I think it would be wonderful for you to share your devotional thoughts on this blog. I hope that the new year continues to bring you much peace, love and stitching.

I love the colors of the quilt that you're using for the background of your blog. :)

Correny said...

Hey lady! I say we take a train ride together someday in the near future. That is something I have always wanted to do.