Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - #79 - "Roof Frolic"

Block # 79 - "Roof Frolic"
Started on 9/7/11
Completed on 9/16/11
Technique: Pieced and Applique' (I think)

Gee whiz ... two and half months go by and I can't remember how I ended up making this little block. I remember having to try two or three ways. I think I pieced the basket together then applique'd it and the handle to the background fabric. But I'll have to pull it out and double check myself on that.

The letter from the book that goes with this block talks about a roof frolic the family recently attended. Work frolics are one of my favorite things about the Amish. It is fascinating to me how they all pull together to rebuild a neighbor's barn or home or shop. And doesn't the word frolic denote some sort of fun? I don't know if I would consider it fun to give up an entire day for one of my neighbors.

It always wonders me if the world might not be a better place if we would all help each other out like that. I think it would be fun to put insurance companies out of business. (Sorry Mom and Uncle Tony.) No one would need insurance because they would be taken care of by their church, community, friends, etc. and in return they would care for others when they found themselves in need.

I can't help but think that the Amish live just as God intended in this regard in particular. I really believe that He meant for us to pull together and rally around our brothers and sisters in Christ in their times of need. Most likely He EXPECTS us to do this and even for those that aren't part of our church family. Perhaps even those who are strangers to us. Heaven knows they aren't strangers to Him.

Father, open my eyes to the needs of others. Prompt me to act on that awareness.

Blessings Y'all!

P.S. The quilt in the background on my blog was a template picture offered. I did not make it, unfortunately. But I did click on it in the background files. Does that count? : p

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