Thursday, February 02, 2012

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 91 - "Roman Stripes Variation"

Block # 91 - "Roman Stripes Variation"
Started on 9/13/11
Completed on 9/22/11
Technique: Paper Piecing & Pieced

To make this block I paper pieced each of the four striped sections and then I pieced each of the strips together. It was fairly simple even though I wasn't very familiar with the technique.

There is a Roman Stripes quilt in my book of Amish Quilts that I will have to give a try "one day". That may be my next blogging project; working through the Amish Quilts book I have. Some of them look very challenging.

Rosemary Youngs, the author of the book this blog has been based on has started a new organization that will provide blanket quilts to orphans in Africa and other countries. Here is a link to her website with the information:

You don't have to be a quilter to do these blankets she provides the instructions for. If you are interested in making one and need a quilt top, I might be able to hook you up! I would love to know if you decide to help out so let me know.

Father, thank You for continually showing me the way. Your way never leads me wrong.

Blessings Y'all!

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Rosemary Youngs said...

Thank you so much Lesa for sharing the news about the quilt blankets . Hope you have a great weekend.