Monday, February 27, 2012

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 99 - "Spider Web"

Block #99 - "Spider Web"
Started on 10/13/11
Completed on 10/13/11
Technique: Paper pieced

The author of the letter that goes with this block talks of using up a lot of her fabric scraps and scraps from others to make this. It is a neat looking block but might be a little too unorganized for my personal taste. I like order in my blocks.

I have a hard time with sampler quilts where each block is a different pattern. The only chance such quilts have with me is if they are done with the same fabrics and colors. If they have that in common I can get passed the random patterns.

I suppose a crazy quilt similar to this one would work if it used a lot of the same colors and then was sashed and bordered with the same fabric.

My charity quilt is almost pieced. I've got two rows that need a handful of blocks pieced together and then those two rows need to be sewn into rows. Then I'll put the last five rows together into the bottom half of the quilt and then finish putting the top together. I may have it done today and would like to take it to the quilters at church tomorrow.

I'm prepared for them to be "concerned" by the design and color placement. It really lacks, um, prettyness. : p Perhaps I'll have a picture to share on tomorrow's blog.

Tomorrow night my friend Elizabeth and I are going to buy the fabrics for a quilt I'm making for her living room wall. The pattern is called "Toomuchery". I'm looking forward to the challenge.

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