Monday, August 15, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #28 - "Box Social"

Block # 28 - "Box Social"

Started on 7/8/11
Completed on 7/8/11

Technique: Applique'

I didn't read the letter that went with this block until just now. It made me pause and have to catch my breath. A box social was held to raise money for a family whose five month old baby had an inoperable brain tumor. Oh the thought of it has me stirred.

The process of this event was quite interesting. I think it would be so fun to see young people in our community do this. The girls made meals or picnics which they placed in wrapped gift boxes. The boys bid on these boxes and I'm guessing got to feast on the contents maybe with the girl who made it.

I loved making this block and it is even more precious to me now that I've absorbed the story behind it.

Father, thank You for the health of my children. Help me not take a moment of their lives for granted.


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