Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #31 - "Wool Fan Quilt"

Block # 31 - "Wool Fan Quilt"

Started on 7/10/11
Completed on 7/11/11

Technique: Piecing and Applique'

I'm freshly back from Yellowstone National Park. We had a fabulous time but I have to admit, I missed blogging! I think blogging about quilting is pretty awesome.

So ... Wool! I have not used any wool fabrics yet in my projects but I frequently use wool batting. Initially I used it because I thought I would like it. Then, I fell in love with the way it looks once quilted. Now, I've had a quilt with wool batting on my bed for a month or so and I love the utility of it. It is summer full throttle here in Grand Junction and we are sleeping so comfortably. We stay warm without sweating and it is blessed!

I am not sure it would be as easy to hand quilt through this batting. Once I learned to machine quilt I cast aside the idea of hand quilting for awhile.

My block was done a bit awkwardly. I was working on it late one evening and my tired brain was having a hard time wrapping around how to put this block together. I ended up applique'ing the fans onto squares of the background fabric. I think I have since figured out how I would do it differently.

My prayer for today is completely unrelated to this quilt block, fyi.

Father, wrap your ample arms around my cousin Courtney and bring her back to us with her full health restored. Wake her up with a healed mind and heart and let her continue to shine her precious light on the lives of so many.


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Rosemary Youngs said...

Your quilt block is wonderful, I put mine together the same way that you did. That was the only way that I knew how to do it .
I will be praying for strength and health for Courtney . Glad that you had a wonderful time in Yellowstone, your blog is such a blessing.