Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #29 - "Buggy Accident"

Block #29 - "Buggy Accident"

Started on 7/10/11
Completed on 7/10/11

Technique: Piecing and Templates

Blocks completed to date: 68 of 121

I wish I had a magical solution to keep cars from colliding with Amish buggies. It bothers me that the Amish are in more danger than the cars zipping around them often in way too much of a hurry.

I really love this block. I copied the colors from the book and I love how well they go together.

I haven't talked much about my interest in all things Amish have I? I read Amish fiction non-stop. I also read non-fiction about them as well. I admire their simplicity. Sometimes I wish I was raised Amish so that I would not have become addicted to television and then later to the computer.

I mostly admire the caring relationships the Amish form. The younger generations take care of the older ones by having them in their own house attached to the home of their children and grandchildren. They care for the members of their church family when they are in need. From taking over chores around the home or bringing meals when someone is sick or passes away to rebuilding barns and homes that are destroyed by fires or weather. And the fact that they don't have to carry insurance because they help each other out financially when needed speaks volumes for the Christian love they show to each other.

All churches could learn a thing or two from the Amish about how God intends for us to look out for each other.

Father, help me watch for ways others are in need and let me show your love to them with care and aide.


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