Sunday, October 09, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 62 - "Cradle"

Block # 62 - "Cradle"
Started on 7/13/11
Completed on 8/16/11
Technique: Applique'

The author of the letter that goes with this block talks of a hand made cradle her baby sleeps in. We had a Noah's Ark themed bassinet for our babies but I think if we were ever blessed with another child, I would want an old-fashioned wooden cradle at the foot of our bed.

Both of our children were co-sleepers for a long time. They were breastfed and so their sleep deprived Mommy found that to be not only easier but a blessed time of bonding and cuddling.

I've been slowed down on my Amish Circle Quilt Project again because I started a new project that I'm kind of in a hurry to complete. And it is ultra-exciting to me because I am laying it out all on my own. I've used a number of blocks from this project and then half a dozen or so others. I guess it will be called a sampler. The large center section of this quilt though is the piece de resistance. (Please read that with a French accent.)

The center revolves around the front and back of a t-shirt designed by friends of my cousin Courtney. These shirts are being sold to raise money for her medical expenses and for the family members that are caring for her. Anyway, I made two large blocks from the t-shirt. I am making this quilt for Courtney. I'm hoping it will encourage and inspire her to continue fighting to regain all of her motor function and cognitive abilities. She makes progress every day and our prayers continue.

Father, thank You for my family, including the extended part that stretches far beyond the walls of my home. Thank You for these amazing people who have made me the wife, mother, and friend that I am.

Blessings Y'all!

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