Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 67 - "Grandmother's Choice Quilt"

Block #67 - "Grandmother's Choice Quilt"
Started on 9/1/11
Completed on 9/1/11
Technique: Pieced

In honor of Julia Nell Dillard May, Mary Louise Davis deValcourt, and Mercedes Rita Dufour Brassette and in memory of Faye Lavica Bridges Capps

The author of the letter that goes with this block writes of presenting her own grandmother with a Grandmother's Choice quilt. I like this block and I just pieced it together! Straight forward and simple to do it was.

Between Mark and I we still have three of our grandmothers with us. (And three grandfathers too for that matter!) But today I honor the matriarchs of our families.

My dad's mom, Julia May, lives in Lufkin, TX, which is where I was born. She's a spit fire! She's quick witted and funny as all get out. She was always patient and kind with me growing up. She was a good teacher and companion and always had time to sit and visit, play games, or create art master pieces from construction paper and pipe cleaners. And a woman of faith she is to this day.

When I married Mark I inherited two grandmothers-in-law. Since I'd lost one of mine 5 years earlier, it was a real blessing to at least partially fill that void. Mark's mom's mom, Louise deValcourt, lives in Lafayette, LA. She is one of the gentlest, endearing people I've ever known. She and I exchanged letters for many years and now we try to stop in each time we are down south. And a woman of faith she is to this day.

Mark's dad's mom, Mercedes Brassette, lives in Mansura, LA, with a home right on the river there. She likes geneaology like I do. She is expressive and creative and as dedicated as anyone I've ever known to her family and her husband Truitt. She is the quintessential Cajun heritage grandmother. All of her grandkids call her Dese. And a woman of faith she is to this day.

My mom's mom, Faye Capps, was born and raised in Lufkin, TX, where she lived her life long. She kept me a lot when I was little as my single mom worked to support us. I would cry when left at day care and Granny would rush to pick me up. She was another patient teacher who taught me to cook, craft, fish, and in general be a good person. I regret my kids don't get to know her, although I keep her memory alive in the stories I share with them. She went on ahead to Glory in 1990, at the age of 63, another victim of the "c word". And a woman of faith she was until she drew her last breath.

Thank You, Father, for these wacky, colorful, women of faith, who have molded their children and their children's children into the wacky, colorful, people of faith they are today. Thank You for the nurturers and the strengtheners they are and were.

Blessings Y'all!

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