Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - # 63 - "Bow Tie"

Block # 63 - "Bow Tie"
Started on 8/27/11
Completed on 8/27/11
Technique: Pieced and Paper Piecing

This little booger took me a couple of tries to figure out. I ended up paper piecing all of the angled blocks. Then I simply pieced those together with the regular squares. FYI, I don't think the picture does this one justice. My green and brown contrast and blend quite nicely!

So, bow ties. I love bow tie pasta. As far as pastas go bow ties are at the top of my list. To tie a bow, not so much love there. I stink at it. Bow ties to wear? Well, I've never worn one. And other than at my wedding, I've never been to an event that required my husband (or former dates) to wear one either.

Nope. No prom. No formal dances. No fancy, schmancy parties. I hadn't ridden in a limo until a Girl Scout trip last summer. Guess I'm a little to plain. Hmmm ... maybe there's Amish hope for me yet. Surely that statement will make sense to someone else too.

It is possible I will have my quilt top for Courtney finished sometime tomorrow. I am so excited! From the Amish Circle Quilt Project I used the following blocks: Sunshine and Shadow, Pinwheel Blocks, Butchering the Pigs, Apple Orchards, Box Social, and Diagonal Patches. The whole quilt is in red and white with a few black accents and a couple of specialty blocks. I am loving it and it has come together nicely.

Father, thank You for showing me ways to bless others with my abilities and talents. Allow Your light to shine from me. Let others see the difference You have made in my life.

Blessings Y'all!

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Rosemary Youngs said...

Would love to have you post a picture of Courtney's quilt, continuing to keep her in my prayers.