Monday, January 02, 2012

Amish Circle Quilt Project - #82 - "Corner Ball"

Block # 82 - "Corner Ball"
Started on 7/13/11
Completed on 8/28/11
Technique: Applique'

The letter with this block talks about the boys playing this game called corner ball. I don't know that I have any experience to draw on to talk about the game. I will, however, recall great memories of playing dodge ball.

I hear rumors that kids aren't allowed to play dodge ball at school anymore. That's unfortunate. I loved dodge ball days in P.E. I was pretty athletic in school though you might not know that to see me now. I was good at dodge ball. I was fast and somewhat agile. I was careful in my throwing at others. And luckily I wasn't one of the last ones chosen each time. I do feel sorry for kids that the choosing process traumatized.

It stinks that kids played too rough to be allowed to continue the tradition of dodge ball. It makes me sad that a childhood game turned into something children feared and others abused.

For the sake of an analogy I suppose Satan could be considered a master dodge ball enthusiast. "There's one I haven't smacked lately." "Oooh, I could take that one out." "Let me see how many of these 'pawns' I can bring to their knees."

Thankfully we have the ultimate dodger of dodge balls on our side. Our protector, defender, encourager is He. And it is as if He has picked each of us first! First round draft picks we are in His eyes.

Father, thank You, for the hits You take and have taken on our behalf. Help us believe that we are indeed worthy in Your eyes.

Blessings Y'all!

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