Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - "Baking Pies"

Block #12 - "Baking Pies"

Started on 6/24/11
Completed on 6/24/11

Technique: Applique'

I had never made a fruit pie before Trinity was in Kindergarten. We were in the first couple of weeks of our homeschool adventure and she had her "a-a-apple" unit. We bought several different kinds of apples and tried them and then we built our apple pie.

I still make that recipe (that I'd had to look up on-line) every once in awhile. We love it. I use store bought pie crusts. Yeh, I said it. Ha! Saves time and waste by me not attempting my own dough. Even by only cutting up the apples and sprinkling in the sugar and cinnamon it gives me a great feeling of domestic accomplishment.

Do you bake pies? Fruit ones? I'd like to know who among you can bake a good pie and what kind you make.

Father, thank You for the creativity You had to make so many kinds of fruits and for letting someone figure out a way to put those fruits in pies. You are way too good to us.


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